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Thermodynamik - Lauth, Gunter JakobNy

Thermodynamik : Eine Einfuhrung Lauth, Gunter Jakob

E-bok | Springer Berlin Heidelberg | 2015
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Thermodynamik ist ein komisches Fach. Das erste Mal, wenn man sich damit befasst, versteht man nichts davon..."e; Dieses Zitat des beruhmten Physikers ...

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Space - Peter Merriman

Space Peter Merriman

Innbundet | Critical Concepts in Geography | Taylor & Francis Ltd | 2015
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While often eluding the attention of the everyman, 'space' has been a longstanding concern of geographers (and of great interest to scholars from many ...

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Aha! - William B. Irvine

Aha! : The Moments of Insight That Shape Our World William B. Irvine

Innbundet | Oxford University Press | 2015
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Great ideas often develop gradually after studying a problem at length-but not always. Sometimes, an insight hits like a bolt from the blue. For Archimedes, ...

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The Neo-Kantian Reader - Dermot Moran

The Neo-Kantian Reader Dermot Moran

Innbundet | Taylor & Francis Ltd | 2015
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The latter half of the nineteenth and the early part of the twentieth century witnessed a remarkable resurgence of interest in Kant's philosophy in Continental ...

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