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Fortellingen om Bob Dylan - Howard Sounes

Fortellingen om Bob Dylan : the life of Bob Dylan Howard Sounes

Innbundet | Damm | 2001
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Boka handler om Bob Dylans liv og arbeid, fra barndommen via gjennombruddsårene til hans siste utgivelser. Har bibliografi og register.

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Smart Blonde - Stephen Miller

Smart Blonde : The Life of Dolly Parton Stephen Miller

Paperback | Omnibus Press | 2008
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Dolly Parton is the most famous person ever to have emerged from the American country music scene with her iconic cartoon image - mountainous blonde wigs, ...

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Tupac Shakur - Wayne A. Anderson

Tupac Shakur Wayne A. Anderson

Paperback | Hip-Hop Stars (Paperback) | Hip-Hop Stars | Facts On File Inc | 2008
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Tupac Shakur spent much of his brief 25 years living in tough inner-city neighborhoods in New York, Maryland, and California. A pensive, artistic youth, ...

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sTORI Telling - Tori Spelling

sTORI Telling Tori Spelling

Paperback | Simon & Schuster | 2009
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sTori Tellingis a chance for Tori to set the record straight on her personal life and to let readers experience the truly unique life she's led - with ...

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The "Stone Roses" and the Resurrection of British Pop - John Robb

The "Stone Roses" and the Resurrection of British Pop John Robb

Paperback | Ebury Publishing | 2001
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The band, the lifestyle, the revolution. This classic biography charts the phenomenal rise of The Stone Roses to the icons they are today, using interviews, ...

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Stone Alone - Bill Wyman

Stone Alone : The Story of a Rock 'n' Roll Band Bill Wyman

Paperback | The Perseus Books Group | 1997
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During the height of the Rolling Stones' success, Bill Wyman kept a diary, recoding the churning chaos of the band's creative evolution, power plays, recording ...

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Bing Crosby - Malcolm McFarlane

Bing Crosby : Day by Day Malcolm McFarlane

Innbundet | Scarecrow Press | 2001
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During his lifetime, Bing Crosby was one of the most loved entertainers of the twentieth century. He made his name as a singer with a distinctive and innovative ...

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