Birds of Thailand

Birds of Thailand

Thailand is the mecca of birding in Southeast Asia. It's convenient to get to and get around, and its birdlife is wondrously diverse, exotic, and plentiful. Les mer

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Birds of Thailand

Thailand is the mecca of birding in Southeast Asia. It's convenient to get to and get around, and its birdlife is wondrously diverse, exotic, and plentiful. With Birds of Thailand, Craig Robson and fourteen leading illustrators give us the most up-to-date, comprehensive, and concise field guide to this magnificent country's rich avifaunal heritage in recent years, covering the more than 950 species recorded as of early in the new millennium. Facing each of the 128 striking, full-color plates are species accounts accompanied by maps for each, illustrating precise distribution within Thailand. The accurate text covers identification, voice, habitat, behavior, range, status, and breeding for all species and subspecies. Illustrations and entries on a number of species recorded only quite recently are also included. The country's varied habitats assure something for every birder, from freshwater marshes to coastal areas, from fields and rice paddies to lush jungles and mangrove forests.
In Thailand, one can delight in the brilliantly colored pittas, broadbills, and sunbirds; the deep, dazzling green of barbets, parrots, parakeets, and leafbirds; the aptly named frogmouths; the roosterlike resplendence of the (male) red junglefowl; the ruff, whose breeding male in full plumage sports a truly singular head; and much, much more. Birders and all ecologically minded travelers daydreaming of a voyage to this gem of a country will want the latest source of thorough information on its birdlife--in a highly portable, pithy, and vividly illustrated guide. What they will want is Craig Robson's Birds of Thailand. * Comprehensive field guide written specifically for this magnificent, bird-rich country *128 full-color plates by expert artists covering every major plumage variation, with juveniles also illustrated where notably distinct from males and females * Over 950 maps for individual species illustrating their precise distribution within Thailand * Accurate, up-to-date, and concise text covering identification, voice, habitat and behavior, range, status, and breeding of all species and distinctive subspecies

Introduction 5 Avian topography 7 Plates and species accounts 8 PHASIANIDAE Partridges, quails, pheasants, etc. 8 DENDROCYGNIDAE Whistling-ducks 14 ANATIDAE 14 ANATINAE 14 Anserini Geese, atypical ducks, pygmy geese 14 & 18 Anatini Typical ducks 16 TURNICIDAE Buttonquails 8 INDICATORIDAE Honeyguides 22 PICIDAE Wrynecks, piculets, typical woodpeckers 22 MEGALAIMIDAE Asian barbets 30 BUCEROTIDAE Asian hornbills 32 UPUPIDAE Hoopoes 50 TROGONIDAE 36 Harpactini Asian trogons 36 CORACIIDAE Rollers 48 ALCEDINIDAE Smaller kingfishers 38 HALCYONIDAE Larger kingfishers 36 CERYLIDAE Pied kingfishers 40 MEROPIDAE Bee-eaters 40 CUCULIDAE Old World cuckoos 42 CENTROPODIDAE Coucals 42 PSITTACIDAE Parrots and parakeets 50 APODIDAE Swifts 52 HEMIPROCNIDAE Treeswifts 54 TYTONIDAE Barn and bay owls 54 STRIGIDAE Typical owls 54 BATRACHOSTOMIDAE Asian frogmouths 60 EUROSTOPODIDAE Eared nightjars 58 CAPRIMULGIDAE 60 CAPRIMULGINAE Typical nightjars 60 COLUMBIDAE Pigeons and doves 62 GRUIDAE 144 GRUINAE Typical cranes 144 HELIORNITHIDAE Finfoots 70 RALLIDAE Rails, gallinules, coots 70 SCOLOPACIDAE 74 SCOLOPACINAE Woodcocks, snipes 74 TRINGINAE Sandpipers, phalaropes, etc. 76 ROSTRATULIDAE Painted-snipes 74 JACANIDAE Jacanas 78 BURHINIDAE Thick-knees 90 CHARADRIIDAE 90 RECURVIROSTRINAE 90 Recurvirostrini Stilts, avocets 90 CHARADRIINAE Plovers, lapwings 92 GLAREOLIDAE 90 DROMADINAE Crab-plover 90 GLAREOLINAE Pratincoles 92 LARIDAE 98 LARINAE 98 Stercorariini Jaegers 98 Rynchopini Skimmers 98 Larini Gulls 100 Sternini Terns, noddies 102 ACCIPITRIDAE 110 PANDIONINAE Osprey 114 ACCIPITRINAE Hawks, eagles 110 FALCONIDAE Falcons 130 PODICIPEDIDAE Grebes 20 PHAETHONTIDAE Tropicbirds 146 SULIDAE Boobies 148 ANHINGIDAE Darters 134 PHALACROCORACIDAE Cormorants 134 ARDEIDAE Egrets, herons, bitterns 136 THRESKIORNITHIDAE Ibises, spoonbills 134 & 142 P