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Bokkilden Treatment of Language Disorders in Children - Rebecca J. McCauley - Paperback (9781557666888)
Treatment of Language Disorders in Children - Rebecca J. McCauley Audiovisuell/Multimedia
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Brookes Publishing Co
25 x 18 cm

Treatment of Language Disorders in Children


Rebecca J. McCauley

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With this much-needed textbook, graduate students in SLP courses will have the comprehensive knowledge they need to evaluate, compare, select, and apply effective interventions for language disorders in children. Seventeen expert contributors take a balanced look at 15 contemporary interventions, examining how they should be applied, what evidence demonstrates that they really work, and what we should do to support and refine the approaches. Each chapter critically examines one approach and brings it to life with one or more realistic case studies and a brief, memorable DVD clip. Readers will get rich, detailed portraits that include the theoretical and empirical basis of each intervention, target populations, assessment methods, practical requirements, and considerations for children from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds.

Treatment of Language Disorders in Children

1. Introduction; 3. Prelinguistic Communication Intervention; 4. It Takes Two to Talk; 5. The Picture Exchange Communication System; 6. The System for Augmenting Language; 8. Focused Stimulation Approach to Language Intervention; 9. Enhanced Milleu Teaching; 10. Conversational Recast Intervention in Preschool; 12. Phonological Awareness Intervention; 13. Balanced Reading Intervention and Assessment; 14. Visual Strategies to Facilitate Written Language Development; 15. The Writing Lab Approach for Building Language, Literacy, and Communication Abilities.
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