Secret Six

; Brad Walker ; Jimmy Palmiotti

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During Infinite Crisis, Lex Luthor organised the world's criminals as the unstoppable "Society". A group of rag-tag dissenters, including Ragdoll, Scandal, Parademon, Deadshot and Catman choose to form their own alliance...Now they're on the run - liberating Deadshot from a North Korean prison camp, avoiding the family's assassins - including IBAC and Pistolera - and hunting their former ally, Cheshire. But with Dr Psycho and Vandal Savage gunning for them, not to mention new member the Mad Hatter, will any of them survive? This darkly comic, all-action series is written by "Villains United" co-creator Gail Slmone, with art by Brad Walker ("Batman") and Jimmy Palmiotti ("Jonah Hex")!