Changing Horizons

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'Changing Horizons' - the life story of Helge Amundsen - reads like a 'ripping yarn' which follows the author from his boyhood, day dreaming in the Artic Circle town of Hammerfest, through to his life as a sailor before and during the Second World War. It is a tale full of recollections of a rumbustuous, often violent lifestyle.On leaving Europe the author sailed to the Caribbean, then through the Panama Canal to San Francisco, and, for a while, he chanced life as a hobo. Soon back at sea, he sailed to South America, Japan, China, Hong Kong, Vietnam and Cape Town, ending up in Dakar when his ship was confined to port at the outbreak of the Second World War. He managed to escape, but was recaptured by the French, before successfully escaping a second time. Having retrained as a Radio Officer Helge Amundsen took part in the 'Battle of the Atlantic'. He survived this only to contract tuberculosis and it was during this time that he discovered a passion for books and literature.After the war he returned to his homeland, Norway, where he became a successful magazine photo journalist and also worked in television. He lived with the Lapps for a time, making several documentary programmes about their way of life.A successful business life has enabled him to spend a good part of his time sailing for pleasure in the Mediterranean.