Essential X-Men - Terry Austin Terry Austin Louise Simonson Rick Leonardi Rob Liefeld Walter Simonson Art Adams Mike Vosberg Chris Claremont

Essential X-Men

; Terry Austin ; Louise Simonson m.fl.

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The X-Men are dead to the world, and evildoers a-plenty are willing to make the hoax a reality! See the debuts of characters and concepts that sculpted the struggles and souls of the mightiest mutants for years to come - including the Reavers, Genosha and the Conover Crusade! The Brood barge in and the Marauders mix it up, topped off with a dose of demons who whip up an awe-inspiring Inferno! Guest-starring Magik and the Goblin Queen and introducing Jubilee! Collecting Uncanny X-Men numbered 229-245, Annual numbered 12-13 and X-Factor 36-39.