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Bokkilden Principles of Corporate Finance - Richard A. Brealey - Paperback (9780071284912)
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McGraw-Hill Education - Europe
25 x 21 cm
9 ed

Principles of Corporate Finance

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Stewart C. Myers


Franklin Allen

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"Principles of Corporate Finance" is the worldwide leading text that describes the theory and practice of corporate finance. Throughout the book the authors show how managers use financial theory to solve practical problems and as a way of learning how to respond to change by showing not just how but why companies and management act as they do. The text is comprehensive, authoritative, and modern and yet the material is presented at a common sense level. The discussions and illustrations are unique due to the depth of detail blended with a distinct sense of humor for which the book is well known and highly regarded. This text is a valued reference for thousands of practicing financial managers.

Principles of Corporate Finance

Part One: Value 1. Finance and the Financial Manager 2. Present Values, the Objectives of the Firm, and Corporate Governance 3. How to Calculate Present Values 4. Valuing Bonds 5. The Value of Common Stocks 6. Why Net Present Value Leads to Better Investment Decisions than Other Criteria 7. Making Investment Decisions with the Net Present Value Rule Part Two: Risk 8. Introduction to Risk, Return, and the Opportunity Cost of Capital 9. Risk and Return 10. Capital Budgeting and Risk Part Three: Best Practices in Capital Budgeting 11. Project Analysis 12. Investment, Strategy, and Economic Rents 13. Agency Problems, Management Compensation, and the Measurement of Performance Part Four: Financing Decisions and Market Efficiency 14. Efficient Markets and Behavioral Finance 15. An Overview of Corporate Financing 16. How Corporations Issue Securities Part Five: Payout Policy and Capital Structure 17. Payout Policy 18. Does Debt Policy Matter? 19. How Much Should a Firm Borrow? 20. Financing and Valuation Part Six: Options 21. Understanding Options 22. Valuing Options 23. Real Options Part Seven: Debt Financing 24. Credit Risk and the Value of Corporate Debt 25. The Many Different Kinds of Debt 26. Leasing Part Eight: Risk Management 27. Managing Risk 28. Managing International Risks Part Nine: Financial Planning and the Management of Working Capital 29. Financial Analysis and Planning 30. Working Capital Management 31. Short-Term Financial Planning Part Ten: Mergers, Corporate Control, and Governance 32. Mergers 33. Corporate Restructuring 34. Governance and Corporate Control Around the World Part Eleven: Conclusion 35. Conclusion: What We Do and Do Not Know About Finance
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