The DK Handbook

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"I would describe The DK Handbook as visually arresting and a breath of fresh air in the market of composition handbooks...I think this text is remarkably suited to today's generation of visual learners." -Joel Henderson, ChattanoogaStateTechnical CC Transforming student and instructor expectations for textbooks,The DK Handbook presents information in newly accessible, scientifically tested, and student-friendly ways. Never before seen in the handbook market, The DK Handbook's design is a true marriage of visual and textual content, in which each topic is presented in self-contained, two-page spreads for at-a-glance referencing. Explanations are concise and "chunked" to be more approachable and appealing for today's readers, and accompanying visuals truly teach - making concepts and processes visible to students. The ground-breaking layout creates a consistent look and feel that helps students connect with the material, find information, and recognize solutions to writing problems they often don't have names for. In planning this new kind of handbook, Longman commissioned an in-depth usability study to learn more about how students use handbooks and where they have difficulties. The results not only informed the handbook's development, they confirmed that The DK Handbook's distinctive presentation is more effective and "useful" than the market-leading handbook. In addition to the groundbreaking design, The DK Handbook provides the content that students need. With more attention to research-particularly online research-than other handbooks, DK gives students a solid foundation in information literacy. The handbookalso presents grammar and documentation (MLA, APA, CMS and CSE) in new ways that makes the material more accessible, including unique "pattern pages" that help students grasp principles visually. With strong attention to the rhetorical situation, a visual presentation of the writing process, and usablity tested grammar, research and documentation coverage, The DK Handbook offers all the standard material expected in a handbook, but presents it in a revolutionary format that will motivate students to use their handbook - and help them become better writers and researchers.