The Millennium Reader

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The Millennium Reader

Distinguished by the quality of writing and the variety of selections, this thematic reader identifies and collects some of the most important insights, discoveries, and reflections of the past millennia as produced by its most noteworthy writers and through a variety of genres. In addition, it introduces students to major traditions in essay writing and other genres and provides guidance in developing critical reading and writing skills.

Rhetorical Contents xi Preface xvii Introduction: Reading in the Various Genres 1 Reading Essays 1 Reading Fiction 20 Reading Poetry 22 Reading Drama 23 Literary Works in Context 25 Reading and Analyzing Visual Texts 26 Elements of Design 27 Reading Images as Cultural Signs 30 1 REFLECTIONS ON EXPERIENCE 33 Nonfiction George Orwell Shooting an Elephant 34 Ruth Reichl Betty 40 Jill Nelson Number One! 50 Fritz Peters Boyhood with Gurdjieff 54 Beryl Markham West with the Night 58 Dave Barry Just Say No to Rugs 68 Douchan Gersi Initiated into an Iban Tribe of Headhunters 70 James Herriot Rumenotomy on a Cow 75 Fiction William Maxwell The Pilgrimage 77 Andre Dubus The Fat Girl 85 Poetry Elizabeth Barrett Browning How Do I Love Thee? 97 Sara Teasdale The Solitary 98 Nikki Giovanni Nikki-Rosa 99 Connections for Chapter 1: Reflections on Experience 100 2 MEMORABLE PEOPLE AND PLACES 102 Nonfiction Maya Angelou Liked for Myself 103 Gayle Pemberton Antidisestablishmentarianism 107 Mikhal Gilmore My Brother, Gary Gilmore 114 Fatima Mernissi Moonlit Nights of Laughter 125 Richard Rhodes A Hole in the World 130 Rudolph Chelminski Turning Point 134 Rick Bass A Fitting Desire 141 Aldo Leopold Thinking Like a Mountain 143 Fiction Raymond Carver Neighbors 146 John Cheever Reunion151 Poetry Robert Hayden Those Winter Sundays 154 Marianne Moore A Grave 155 William Carlos Williams At the Ball Game 157 Connections for Chapter 2: Memorable People and Places 160 3 THE VALUE OF EDUCATION 162 Nonfiction Frederick Douglass Learning to Read and Write 163 Jonathan Kozol The Human Cost of an Illiterate Society 168 Mike Adams The Dead Grandmother/Exam Syndrome 175 Richard Rodriguez On Becoming a Chicano 181 Sabine Reichel Learning What Was Never Taught 188 Nat Hentoff "Speech Codes" on the Campus 197 Mary Crow Dog and Richard Erdoes Civilize Them with a Stick 204 Judy Blume Is Harry Potter Evil? 211 Mark Salzman Lessons 213 Fiction Edward P. Jones The First Day 219 Poetry Linda Hogan Workday 223 Tom Wayman Did I Miss Anything? 225 Connections for Chapter 3: The Value of Education 227 4 PERSPECTIVES ON LANGUAGE 228 Nonfiction Helen Keller The Day Language Came into My Life 229 Temple Grandin Thinking in Pictures 231 Deborah Tannen Sex, Lies, and Conversation 236 George Lakoff Anger 241 Alison Lurie The Language of Clothes 250 Amy Tan Mother Tongue 256 Aldous Huxley Propaganda under a Dictatorship 261 Stuart Hirschberg The Rhetoric of Advertising 267 Fiction Gish Jen Who's Irish? 276 Poetry Kenneth Koch Permanently 285 Connections for Chapter 4: Perspectives on Language 288 5 EVERYDAY MATTERS 289 Nonfiction Juliet B. Schor The Culture of Consumerism 290 Philip Slater Want-Creation Fuels Americans' Addictiveness 300 Jan Harold Brunvand Urban Legends: "The Boyfriend's Death" 304 Rosalind Coward The Body Beautiful 313 Bill Bryson What's Cooking? Eating in America 320 Jessica Mitford Mortuary Solaces 330 Judith Ortiz Cofer The Myth of the Latin Woman 335 Mark Twain The Lowest Animal 339 Fiction Kate Chopin Desiree's Baby 345 Gloria Anzaldua Cervicide 349 Poetry Marge Piercy Barbie Doll 351 Grace C. Kuhns Lisa's Ritual, Age 10 353 Bruce Springsteen Streets of Philadelphia 354 Gregory Corso Marriage 356 Drama David Ives Sure Thing 361 Connections for Chapter 5: Everyday Matters 369 6 OUR PLACE IN NATURE 371 Nonfiction Charles Darwin From the Origin of Species 372 Gunjan Sinha You Dirty Vole 382 Joseph