The Palmistry Bible

The Definitive Guide to Hand Reading

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The Palmistry Bible

This comprehensive introduction to palmistry will teach you how to read people's palms and discover their character. Starting with the four different hand shapes, it takes you step-by-step through the features of the hand, including the mounts on the palm, the fingers and thumbs and the major and minor lines. Once you can identify and interpret the various markings on the hand, you'll discover the insights that palmistry can give you into personality, health, relationships and careers. From understanding someone's capacity for romance and passion to discovering their career potential, talents and abilities, The Palmistry Bible will help you analyse your own palm and read the hands of friends and family.

Part 1-Introduction. Part 2-Palmistry directory. First impressions. The hand. The fingers and thumbs. The lines of the hand. Love and relationships. Ambition and career. Talents and abilities. Temperaments. Glossary. Index. Acknowledgements.

Godsfield Bibles are the world's bestselling mind, body and spirit series, having sold 3m copies across the globe. Helps you to interpret relationships, careers and personalities. Written by an palmistry expert. Features in-depth hand diagrams detailing the major lines, sections and mounds.