Free Running

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Free Running

The acrobatic sport of free running is taking the urban landscape by storm - make sure it's on your radar! Look inside to the real-life story of an awesome, adrenalin-fuelled free runner, a star story featuring a Hollywood actor who pulls cool street stunts and a 5-minute interview with a free running expert. Are you on the radar?

All About: Free Running The History Bit: The Free Running Story Star Story: Sebastien Foucan Don't Try This At Home: Downward Rail Precision Big Debate: Is Free Running OK? Poster Page: Will Foster The Lingo: Speak Easy Read All About It: The Urban Playground Real Life Story: Urban Runner, Lukman Hussin Zone In: The Moves 5-Minute Interview: Matthew Dickerson Don't Try This At Home: Side Flip Zone In: More Moves Feel It: The Jam Fan Club: Start Running Index

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