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Bokkilden Organizing Aids - Derek Adam-Smith - E-bok (9780203991633)
Organizing Aids - Derek Adam-Smith David Goss E-bok
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Taylor and Francis

Organizing Aids

Workplace and Organizational Responses to the HIV/AIDS Epidemic

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David Goss

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It is estimated that 90% of those who are HIV positive are in employment. However, the significant body of literature into HIV/AIDS to date has primarily focused on the medical aspects of the disease and its implications for health/social policy. There has been little analysis of the employment implications of HIV/AIDS, and what does exist is essentially descriptive and usually limited to legal features of the employment relationship. This text provides a review of the theoretical and practical issues which bear upon organisational responses to HIV/AIDS. The authors set these responses in a historical and international context, before analysing recent research findings. In the first three chapters, issues are explored through an analysis which highlights international convergences and divergences. The remaining chapters draw on the authors' research to explore the "e;internal"e; dynamics of HIV/AIDS in the workplace.
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