Basics Textile Design 01: Sourcing Ideas

Researching Colour, Surface, Structure, Texture and Pattern

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Basics Textile Design 01: Sourcing Ideas

Sourcing Ideas: Researching colour, surface, structure, texture and pattern is a visual goldmine for designers hungry for inspiration. The book includes a huge array of beautiful and diverse images, but it is more than a sourcebook. Using a number of different approaches, it teaches readers how to look for inspiration in the world around them, and how to extract visual information from a variety of sources using five key themes - colour, surface, structure, texture and pattern. By exploring new ways of seeing ordinary things, Sourcing Ideas enables readers to create extraordinary effects with textiles. The first in AVA's Basics Textile Design series, the book follows the successful formula of Basics Fashion Design 01: Research and Design, which is used by students and designers all over the world. However, in this book, every example, idea and exercise is geared towards textile design. Covering print, weave and embellishment, this is the perfect book for all textiles and fashion students, as well as any arts and crafts enthusiasts who are looking for inspiration and tips on how to carry out effective and wide-ranging research. The logical structure of the book enables readers to dip in and out with ease; case studies and interviews with successful contemporary designers give guidelines and encouragement for aspiring designers; thought-provoking quotes and exercises, and above all the huge selection of images, provide the stimulation that will get you reaching for your sketchbook immediately.

How to get the most out of this book. Introduction. What is textile design?: What does a textile designer do?; What are the occupations?; Case study - Reiko Sudo; Interview - Donna Wilson. Research for textiles: What do designers research?; What is primary research?; What is secondary research?; Case study - Becky Earley; Interview - J.R. Campbell. The toolkit: Tools for primary research; Tools for secondary research; Case study - Maggie Orth; Interview - Linda Florence. Planning research: Design briefs; Generating a theme; Methods to explore the theme; Case study - Manish Arora; Interview - Johanna Basford. Observation and analysis: Colour; Surface; Structure; Texture; Pattern; Case study - Yinka Shonibare; Interview - Tim Gresham. Techniques for observational drawing: Drawing techniques; Mixed media; Scale and dimensions; Case study - Missoni; Interview - James Donald. Appendix - How to present your research: Visual presentation; CAD presentation; Verbal presentation. Conclusion. Glossary. Useful resources. Index. Acknowledgements. Working with ethics.

Ideas sourcing is the foundation from which all textile design begins, and this book provides readers with a thorough understanding of observation and analysis techniques