Higher Biology for CfE with Answers

; Clare Marsh ; James Torrance m.fl.

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Higher Biology for CfE with Answers

Higher Biology for CfE provides complete coverage of the latest SQA syllabus for the Revised Higher (for examination 2012 onwards), and is tailored specifically to the extended requirements, teaching approaches and syllabus outlines detailed in the Higher revisions for Curriculum for Excellence. It is therefore appropriate for all new Higher Biology syllabus requirements from 2012 onwards. Each section of the book matches a unit of the revised syllabus; each chapter corresponds to a content area. In addition to the core text, the book contains a variety of special features, including Learning Activities (Case Studies, Case Histories, Related Topics, Research Topics, Related Activities and Investigations), Practical Activities and Reports, Testing Your Knowledge, What You Should Know and Applying Your Knowledge and Skills. A without-answers version of the text is also available (978 1 444 15863 2).

Unit 1 DNA and the Genome 1 Structure and replication of DNA 2 Gene expression 3 Differentiation in multicellular organisms 4 Genome and mutations 5 Evolution 6 Genomics and genomic sequencing Unit 2 Metabolism and Survival 7 Metabolism and enzymes 8 Control of metabolic pathways 9 Cellular respiration 10 Maintaining metabolism 11 Maintenance of metabolism during environmental change 12 Growth and metabolism of micro-organisms 13 Genetic control of metabolism Unit 3 Sustainability and Interdependence 14 Science of food production 15 Photosynthesis and energy transfer 16 Breeding plants and animals for food 17 Crop protection 18 Animal welfare 19 Inter-relationships and dependence 20 Social behaviour 21 Biodiversity Appendices Answers (in With Answers edition)

A new textbook for the new Higher Biology syllabus!