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Bokkilden The Alan Coren Omnibus - Alan Coren - Paperback (9781861057396)
The Alan Coren Omnibus - Alan Coren Pocket
Del med andre
Anova Books
22 x 14 cm
Rev ed

The Alan Coren Omnibus

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A personal selection by Britain's master humorist of seventy-two pieces from the thousands with which he has delighted readers for the past forty years. It is, in every sense, essential Coren.

The Alan Coren Omnibus

Introduction viii
Household Gods 1(7)
Sea Change 8(5)
Smiling Through 13(5)
Of Cabbages and Kings 18(5)
High on the Hog 23(5)
In the Beginning 28(6)
Biggles Strikes Camp 34(6)
Doctor No 40(5)
Maidenhead Revisited 45(4)
The Republic: Book XI 49(5)
Ourselves to Know 54(6)
Darling Greengrocer... 60(5)
Shome Talk of Alexander 65(5)
One is One and All Alone 70(5)
Can You Get There By Candlelight? 75(5)
Time On My Hand 80(4)
Anything Legal Considered 84(6)
Cry Havoc! 90(5)
Man-Eating Batsmen of Death-Ray Island 95(7)
An Article About... 102(4)
Grey Area 106(5)
Yesterday in Parliament 111(5)
Slouching Towards Bethlehem 116(5)
Hang About 121(4)
Her Upstairs 125(5)
Bridge in the Afternoon 130(5)
Birds of a Feather 135(6)
No Bloody Fear 141(5)
Just a Snog at Twilight 146(5)
Moscow or Bust 151(6)
Blue Flics 157(6)
Shelf Life 163(6)
Metamorphosis 169(5)
Tax Britannica 174(6)
To a Degree 180(5)
The New Extremely English Bible 185(5)
Lif' Dat Bail 190(6)
Bleeding Hearts 196(5)
Animal Crackers 201(4)
From Grave to Gay, by Turns, and Gay to Grave 205(5)
Fish Out of Water 210(6)
£ 10.66 and All That 216(6)
The Hangover in Question 222(5)
El Sid 227(6)
Bloomers 233(4)
Some Enchanted Evening 237(6)
Moby Junk 243(7)
Two Sleepy People, with Nothing to Do 250(6)
The Cricklewood Greats 256(6)
The Unacknowledged Legislators of NW3 262(6)
Just a Gasp at Twilight 268(5)
T'Curse of T'Pharaohs 273(5)
The Unnatural History of Selborne 278(5)
Divine Sparks 283(6)
Diplomacy 289(6)
Say it Again, Sam 295(6)
A Dingley Dell Situation 301(6)
Talkin' Wid de Lord 307(5)
Near Myth 312(5)
Oedipus Bruce 317(6)
Doctor No Will See You Now 323(6)
A Small Thing but Minoan 329(5)
And This is the Little Appliance 334(4)
Once I Put it Down, I Could Not Pick it Up Again 338(8)
Publish and be Diblgd! 346(6)
Owing to Circumstances Beyond Our Control 1984 Has Been Unavoidably Detained... 352(6)
Gilded Cage 358(5)
Something About a Soldier 363(6)
A Short History of Insurance 369(5)
Half a Pound of Tuppenny Vice 374(5)
The Workers' Bag is Deepest Red 379(5)
The Small Gatsby 384(7)
Change Here For Cricklewood 391
Stone Me
On a Wing and a Prayer
Top Secret
Stand Cricklewood Where It Did?
Goose Takes Gander
I Jere We Go Round the Prickly Pear
Deep Waters Run Still
The Night They Bombed Caruso
The Cricklewood House
Maybe It's Because I'm a Landowner
After the Fox
Home and Colonial
Selling It Like It Is
The Long Goodbye
A personal selection by Britain's master humorist of seventy-two pieces from the thousands with which he has delighted readers for the past forty years. It is, in every sense, essential Coren.

Alan Coren is renowned for his brilliantly funny writing. Eductad at Oxford, Yale and Berkely, he i... Les mer

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