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Bokkilden Sensual Meditation - Claude Rael - Paperback (9781903571071)
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Tagman Press Ltd
21 x 15 cm

Sensual Meditation

Awaken the Mind by Awakening the Body

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To open our minds to the future and realise our true potential, we must awaken our bodies more fully to the pleasure of all our senses...that is the vital lesson which Rael claims to have brought back from his journey to another planet. In this volume, he details the techniques of meditation, which he says the Elohim have designed to bring us into harmony with the infinite nature of all things. By helping us to enjoy sounds, colours, tastes, perfumes and caresses more intensely, he says, the teachings enable us to find new creativity within ourselves. Like "The final message", this book combines new re-translations of two privately published English-language volumes. The are: "Let's welcome our fathers from space" and "Sensual meditation". It also provides answers to the questions most frequently asked about the controversial contents of "The final message" and contains further revelations which Rael says the Elohim instructed him to withold from his first two books.
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