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Target Literacy

1. Bella (autobiographical fiction)
Grammar Class: Paragraphs and Sentences
Writing Challenge: Autobiographical Writing
2. Gone is Gone (folk tale)
Grammar Class: Conjunctions
Writing Challenge: Imaginative Writing
3. Techniquest (hands-on science attraction brochure)
Grammar Class: Types of Sentence
Writing Challenge: Letter Writing
4. Poetry
A Proud Old Man (Grandpa) by Paul Chidyausiku
Warning by Jenny Joseph
Shoni Onions by Sheenagh Pugh
The River in Summer by Jennifer Rouse
Grammar Class: Descriptive Language
Writing Challenge: Descriptive Writing
5. The Gold of Lies (play)
Grammar Class: Verb Tenses
Writing Challenge: Writing a Playscript
6. Tough Luck (contemporary fiction)
Grammar Class: Direct Speech
Writing Challenge: Report Writing
7. Aliens Kidnapped Me (newspaper report)
Grammar Class: Agreement
Using Adjectives to Compare Things
Writing Challenge: Writing a Mystery Story
8. Kick it Out (magazine article)
Grammar Class: Pronouns
Writing Challenge: Writing a Magazine or Newspaper Article
9. Oakwood - The Ultimate Theme Park Experience (theme park brochure)
Grammar Class: Prepositions and Articles
Writing Challenge: Designing a School Publicity Poster
10. Healthy Eating for Children (supermarket leaflet)
Grammar Class: Controlling Sentences
Writing Challenge: Designing and Writing a Leaflet
11. Hens and Eggs (RSPCA factsheet)
Grammar Class: Homophones
Writing Challenge: Writing a Discursive Essay

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