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We Choose Life - Dave Sterrett

We Choose Life : Authentic Stories, Movements of Hope Dave Sterrett

Paperback | Hendrickson Publishers Inc | 2016
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We Choose Life is a collection of compelling stories from men and women who are dedicated to rescuing babies, mothers, and fathers from abortion. Though ...

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Why Pro-life? - Randy Alcorn

Why Pro-life? : Caring for the Unborn and Their Mothers Randy Alcorn

Paperback | Hendrickson Publishers Inc | 2013
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This completely revised and updated edition of "Why Pro-Life?" offers factual answers to the central issues of the abortion debate in a concise, non-abrasive ...

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The Church and Abortion - George Dennis O'Brien

The Church and Abortion : A Catholic Dissent George Dennis O'Brien

Innbundet | Rowman & Littlefield | 2010
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This provocative book takes a critical look at what is increasingly viewed as the central political issue for Catholics-abortion. From pro-choice politicians ...

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