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Music Instinct Brain Shot - Philip Ball

Music Instinct Brain Shot Philip Ball

E-bok | Random House | 2010
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All human cultures seem to make music - today and through history. But why they do so, why music can excite deep passions, and how we make sense of musical ...

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H2O - Philip Ball

H2O : A Biography of Water Philip Ball

Paperback | Orion Publishing Co | 2000
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The brilliantly told and gripping story of the most familiar - yet, amazingly, still poorly understood - substance in the universe: Water. The extent ...

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Morbo - Philip Ball

Morbo : The Story of Spanish Football Philip Ball

Paperback | WSC Books Limited | 2003
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Revised and updated paperback edition of Phil Ball's acclaimed history of Spanish football. Morbo is the unique element that gives Spanish football its special flavour. More than mere riva

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