On Under-reported Monolingual Child Phonology

Elena Babatsouli (Redaktør)

The first edited volume on monolingual child phonology Les mer
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The first edited volume on monolingual child phonology



Elena Babatsouli: Preface

Elena Babatsouli: Prolegomenon

Chapter 2. David Ingram: Ingram's Contributions to the Study of First Language Acquisition, According to Ingram

Chapter 3. Avivit Ben-David: Phonological Development in Hebrew: A Normative Cross-Sectional Study

Chapter 4. Laura Cristina Villalobos-Pedroza: Prosodic Cues to Contrastive Focus in the Acquisition of Spanish as a First Language

Chapter 5. Joseph P. Stemberger and Mario E. Chavez-Peon: Voicing in "Voiced" "Stops" in Valley Zapotec: Adults and Very Young Children

Chapter 6. Paulina Zydorowicz: The Acquisition of Polish Phonotactics at Word Edges: A Markedness Account

Chapter 7. Typhanie Prince and Sandrine Ferre: French (A)Typical L1 Acquisition: Compensatory Strategies in #sC Clusters

Chapter 8. Aleksandr N. Kornev and Ingrida Balciuniene: Word Structure in Typically-developing and Primarily Language-impaired Children: A Usage-Based Corpus Analysis of Russian Preschoolers

Chapter 9. Shari Deveney and Anastasia Kyvelidou: Early Diagnostic Signs of Autism: Preliminary Findings for Infant Vocalizations

Chapter 10. Gila Tubul-Lavy: Coda Acquisition in Childhood Apraxia of Speech in Hebrew

Chapter 11. Krisztina Zajdo and Eniko Csertan: The Acquisition of Phonological Awareness in Children with Mild General Learning Difficulties: Delayed or Disordered Speech Development?

Chapter 12. Agnes Jordanidisz, Katalin Mohai, Orsolya Mihaly and Cheryl Winget: Static Versus Dynamic Screening of Phonological Awareness Skills Among Hungarian-Speaking 5 to 6 Years Old Kindergarteners With Typical and Atypical Language Development

Chapter 13. Aline Mara De Oliveira , Gabriely Vitoria Veschi, Luiza Polli, Cassio Eduardo Esperandino and Larissa Cristina Berti: Speech Production Measures in Brazilian Portuguese Children With and Without Speech Sound Disorder

Chapter 14. Nancy J. Scherer, Renata Yamashita, Anapaula Fukushiro, Marcia Keske-Soares, Debora Natalia De Oliveira, David Ingram, A. Lynn Williams and Inge Trindade: Assessment of Early Phonological Development in Brazilian Portuguese

Chapter 15. Elise Baker, Rebecca J. Mccauley, A. Lynn Williams and Sharynne Mcleod: Elements in Phonological Intervention: A Comparison of Three Approaches Using The Phonological Intervention Taxonomy

Chapter 16. Rianne Van Lieburg, Esther Ottow-Henning and Brigitta Keij: Speech Sound Development of Dutch Toddlers With Developmental Language Disorder (DLD): Does Group Intervention Make a Difference?

Chapter 17. Elena Babatsouli: A Commentary on Hellenic: Greek Speech and its Acquisition

Om forfatteren

Elena Babatsouli is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA. Her publications include the co-edited volumes An Anthology of Bilingual Child Phonology and Crosslinguistic Encounters in Language Acquisition with Multilingual Matters. She also co-edits with Martin J. Ball the Journal of Monolingual and Bilingual Speech (Equinox).