Energy Technology 2014 - Cong Wang

Energy Technology 2014

Carbon Dioxide Management and Other Technologies

Cong Wang (Redaktør) ; Jan de Bakker (Redaktør) ; Cynthia K. Belt (Redaktør) ; Animesh Jha (Redaktør) ; Neale R. Neelameggham (Redaktør) ; Soobhankar Pati (Redaktør) ; Leon H. Prentice (Redaktør) ; Gabriella Tranell (Redaktør) ; Kyle S. Brinkman (Redaktør)

This book addresses the issues, intricacies, and challenges relating to energy and environmental sciences. Papers cover various technological aspects of sustainable energy eco-systems and processes that improve energy efficiency, and reduce and sequestrate carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse emissions. Les mer
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This book addresses the issues, intricacies, and challenges relating to energy and environmental sciences. Papers cover various technological aspects of sustainable energy eco-systems and processes that improve energy efficiency, and reduce and sequestrate carbon dioxide (CO2) and other greenhouse emissions. The collection also emphasizes the need for sustainable technologies in extractive metallurgy, materials processing and manufacturing industries with reduced energy consumption and CO2 emission. Industrial energy efficient technologies include innovative ore beneficiation, smelting technologies, recycling and waste heat recovery. The book also carries contributions from all areas of non-nuclear and non-traditional energy sources, including renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, and biomass.

Papers from the following symposia are presented in the book:

Energy Technologies and Carbon Dioxide Management
High-temperature Material Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage
Solar Cell Silicon
Forlag: John Wiley & Sons Inc
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781118888209
Format: 23 x 15 cm

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Preface xi

About the Editors xiii

Alternative Green Processes

A Review: Solar Thermal Reactors for Materials Production 5
B. Ekman, G. Brooks, and M. Rhamdhani

Ferroelectric-enhanced Photocatalysis with TiO2/BiFeO3 15
Y. Zhang, P. Salvador, and G. Rohrer

Effect of Cu Thin Films' Thickness on the Electrical Parameters of Metal-porous Silicon Direct Hydrogen Fuel Cell 25
C. Oruc Lus and S. Yildirim

Preparation of Silica Encapsulated Stearic Acid as Composite Phase Change Material via Sol-gel Process 31
X. Liu, H. Bai, Y. Wang, K. Zhou, and H. Li

Cellulose Acetate Membranes for CO2 Separation from WGS Reaction Products 39
N. Seetala, U. Siriwardane, and T. Kudale

Energy in Iron and Steel

Determination of Energy Requirements for Ironmaking Processes: It's Not That Straightforward 49
H. Sohn and M. Olivas-Martinez

Blast Furnace Ironmaking: Process Alternatives and Carbon Intensity 57
P. Pistorius, J. Gibson, and M. Jampani

Green Slag System Design during Continuous Casting 63
J. Wei, W. Wang, B. Lu, L. Zhou, and K. Chen

Innovative Hydrogen Production Process Utilizing Thermal and Chemical Energies of Steelmaking Slag 71
H. Matsuura, and F. Tsukihashi

A Laboratory Experiment Study on Iron Phase Formation during Hydrogen Reduction of Iron Oxides in the Molten Slag 79
C. Cai, J. Chen, Z. Zhuang, X. Hao, and S. Zheng

Carbon Dioxide Management

CO2 Emission Reduction through Innovative Molten Salt Electrolysis Technologies Using Inert Anodes 89
D. Tang, H. Yin, W. Xiao, X. Mao, and D. Wang

Study on Utilization of Cyclic Heat Stewed Steel Slag Washing Water to Mineralize CO2 97
Z. Dou, Z. Zhang, Y. Liu, G. Lv, T. Zhang, and X. Jiang

Recent Advances in Carbon Dioxide Mineralization to Nano-size Calcium Carbonate Utilizing Wastewater 103
T. Zhang, H. Zhao, Y. Liu, Z. Dou, G. Lv, Q. Zhao, and Y. Li

Development of Materials-by-Design for CO2 Capture Applications 111
I. Williamson and L. Li

The GHG Emissions List Analysis of Aluminum Industry in China 117
Y. Wang, H. Bai, G. Du, Y. Ding, and K. Zhou

Novel Technologies and Life Cycle Assessment

Pure Oxygen Anodes for Low- or Zero-carbon Energy Efficient Metal Oxide Reduction 127
A. Powell, M. Earlam, and S. Barriga

Electrochemistry of Fe(III) in Molten Salt CaCl2-KF and CaCl2-CaF2-KF 135
L. Li, X. Liu, and S. Wang

Novel LiNO3-NaNO3-KNO3-NaNO2 Molten Salts for Solar Thermal Energy Storage Applications 141
T. Wang and R. Reddy

Life Cycle Assessment of Different Gold Extraction Processes 149
C. Li, H. Li, M. Wang, X. Yang, and X. Hao

Performance Evaluation, Technical and Environmental Aspects of Biomass Cookstoves: An Exergy Approach 157
S. Tyagi, A. Pandey, and K. Pal

Energy Efficiency and Furnace Technologies

An Experimental Investigation of a Flue Gas Recirculation System for Aluminum Melting Furnaces 167
J. Wiswall, M. Kruzynski, and S. Garimella

Research on Common Biomass Pyrolysis Production of Biomass Carbon, Pyrolysis Gas and Biomass Tar 175
L. Yang, Y. Wei, H. Wang, J. Hu, and K. Li

Optimization the Preparation of Activated Carbon from Walnut Shell with Microwave Heating Using Response Surface Methodology 183
Z. Zheng, H. Xia, J. Peng, and L. Zhang

Research on Using Carbide Slag to Mineralize the Carbon Dioxide in Electrolytic Aluminum Waste Gas 191
Y. Liu, Y. Fang, Z. Zhang, G. Liu, T. Zhang, Z. Dou, X. Jiang, and D. Zhang

Study on the Combustion Characteristics and Kinetics of Blending Coal 197
X. Xing, J. Zhang, S. Ren, X. Liu, Z. Wang, and H. Xie

Effect of Batch Initial Velocity on the Glass Furnace Efficiency 207
N. Soleimanian, M. Jolly, K. Dearn, O. Brinkman, and W. Brinkman

Kinetic Modeling Study of Oxy-methane Combustion at Ordinary Pressure 215
X. Hu, Q. Yu, and Q. Qin

Poster Session

Corrosion Behavior of Differently Heat Treated Steels in CCS Environment with Supercritical CO2 225
A. Pfennig, P. Zastrow, and A. Kranzmann

Influence of Volatile Functionality on Pulverized Coal Explosivity 233
Q. Pang

Thermodynamic and Experimental Study on the Steam Reforming Processes of Bio-oil Compounds for Hydrogen Production 241
H. Xie, Q. Yu, K. Wang, X. Li, and Q. Qin

High-temperature Material Systems for Energy Conversion and Storage

Solid Oxide Fuel Cells II

Surface Segregation and Phase Formation in Thin Films of SOFC Cathode Materials 251
J. Davis, Y. Yu, D. Cetin, K. Ludwig, U. Pal, S. Gopalan, and S. Basu

An Interrupted In-Situ Method for Electrochemical Formation of Mg-Ni Intermetallics 259
F. Erden, . Karakaya, and M. Erdoan

Solar Cell Silicon

Silicon Production and Solidification

Electrochemical Deposition of High Purity Silicon from Molten Fluoride Electrolytes 275
G. Haarberg, H. Gudbrandsen, K. Osen, S. Rolseth, and A. Martinez

Metallurgical Silicon Refining by Transient Directional Solidification 279
M. Lima, M. Martorano, and J. Neto

New Applications of Sheet Casting of Silicon and Silicon Composites 287
B. Kraaijveld, P. Pichon, A. Schonecker, and Y. Meteleva-Fischer

Silicon Refining I

Thermodynamic Behavior and Morphology of Impurities in Its Solidification from a Si-Al Melt during the Refining of Silicon 297
P. Wang, H. Lu, S. Yuan, and Z. Gao

Silicon Refining II

Research on the Forecast Model of the Boron Removal from Metallurgical Grade Silicon by Slag Refining Based on GA-BP Neural Network 307
S. Yuan, H. Lu, Z. Gao, and L. Zhao

Theoretical Aspects on Pushing and Engulfment of SiC Particles during Directional Solidification Experiments with Molten Silicon 315
A. Ciftja and O. Ciftja

Separation of Si and SiC Microparticles of Solar Grade Silicon Cutting Slurry by Micropore Membrane 321
S. Liu, K. Huang, and H. Zhu

Author Index 331

Subject Index 333