Plato’s Symposium - James H. Lesher

Plato’s Symposium

Issues in Interpretation and Reception

James H. Lesher (Redaktør) ; Debra Nails (Redaktør) ; Frisbee Sheffield (Redaktør) ; Ruby Blondell (Innledning) ; Luc Brisson (Innledning) ; Jeffrey Carnes (Innledning) ; Gabriela Carone (Innledning) ; Diskin Clay (Innledning) ; Lloyd Gerson (Innledning) ; Angela Hobbs (Innledning) ; Richard L. Hunter (Innledning) ; Gabriel Richardson Lear (Innledning) ; Mark McPherran (Innledning) ; David O'Connor (Innledning) ; Terry Penner (Innledning) ; C. D. C. Reeve (Innledning) ; Christopher J. Rowe (Innledning)

In his Symposium, Plato crafted a set of speeches in praise of love that has influenced writers and artists from antiquity to the present. Early Christian writers read the dialogue's 'ascent passage' as a vision of the soul's journey to heaven. Les mer
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In his Symposium, Plato crafted a set of speeches in praise of love that has influenced writers and artists from antiquity to the present. Early Christian writers read the dialogue's 'ascent passage' as a vision of the soul's journey to heaven. Ficino's commentary on the Symposium inspired poets and artists throughout Renaissance Europe and introduced 'a Platonic love' into common speech. Themes or images from the dialogue have appeared in paintings or sketches by Rubens, David, Feuerbach, and La Farge, as well as in musical compositions by Satie and Bernstein. The dialogue's view of love as 'desire for eternal possession of the good' is still of enormous philosophical interest in its own right. Nevertheless, questions remain concerning the meaning of specific features, the significance of the dialogue as a whole, and the character of its influence. This volume brings together an international team of scholars to address such questions.
Forlag: Harvard University, Center for Hellenic Studies
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780674023758
Format: 23 x 14 cm

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«This handsome and remarkably inexpensive anthology is a bargain. It includes not only 16 interesting and original essays, all by well-known scholars, but also numerous diagrams and illustrations.»

, Choice

«For lovers of Plato, of philosophy, of literature, or art (and of the history of philosophy, art, or literature, too), Plato’s Symposium: Issues in Interpretation and Reception is a treat. One of the best things about the book is its range. In sixteen essays we go from Heraclitus to Hedwig and the Angry Inch, with intermediate stops at Aristotle, Plotinus, Renaissance courtly painting and poetry, the United States Supreme Court, and Wallace Stevens; there are essays here for everyone who reads the Symposium...This is interdisciplinary study at its best, with generous attention paid to all the ways Plato can be read, studied, interpreted, and argued about. All the contributors are scholars who know the material, know their fields, and defend their views tenaciously, yet they are all clearly learning from one another and talking to, rather than past, one another. Above all, these essays all show the signs that the authors enjoyed themselves: the joys and delights of hard thinking about good things are surely on view here.»

, Bryn Mawr Classical Review

List of Diagrams and Illustrations


Part I: The Symposium and Plato's Philosophy

The Symposium as a Socratic Dialogue


Christopher Rowe

The Role of the Earlier Speeches in the Symposium: Plato's Endoxic Method?


Frisbee C. C. Sheffield

A Platonic Reading of Plato's Symposium


Lloyd P. Gerson

Part II: Interpreting Plato's Symposium

Medicine, Magic, and Religion in Plato's Symposium


Mark L. McPherran

Permanent Beauty and Becoming Happy in Plato's Symposium


Gabriel Richardson Lear

A Study in Violets: Alcibiades in the Symposium


C. D. C. Reeve

Where is Socrates on the ``Ladder of Love''?


Ruby Blondell

Tragedy Off-Stage


Debra Nails

The Virtues of Platonic Love


Gabriela Roxana Carone

Part III: The Symposium, Sex, and Gender

Agathon, Pausanias, and Diotima in Plato's Symposium: Paiderastia and Philosophia


Luc Brisson

Female Imagery in Plato


Angela Hobbs

Plato in the Courtroom: The Surprising Influence of the Symposium on Legal Theory


Jeffrey Carnes

Part IV: The Reception of Plato's Symposium

Plato's Symposium and the Traditions of Ancient Fiction


Richard Hunter

Some Notable Afterimages of Plato's Symposium


J. H. Lesher

The Hangover of Plato's Symposium in the Italian Renaissance from Bruni (1435) to Castiglione (1528)


Diskin Clay

Platonic Selves in Shelley and Stevens


David K. O'Connor

The Contributors377(1)
Works Cited378(21)
Index of Passages399(27)
General Index426
James H. Lesher is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Maryland. Debra Nalls is Professor of Philosophy at Michigan State University. Frisbee Sheffield is Research Fellow in Classics at Cambridge University. Diskin Clay is R.J.R. Nabisco Professor of Classical Studies at Duke University. C. D. C. Reeve is Delta Kappa Epsilon Distinguished Professor of Philosophy at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. Christopher J. Rowe is Emeritus Professor in the Department of Classics and Ancient History at the University of Durham, UK.