Design Studio Vol. 1: Everything Needs to Change

Architecture and the Climate Emergency

Sofie Pelsmakers (Redaktør) ; Nick Newman (Redaktør)

Serie: Design Studio 1

Want to keep up with emerging design thinking and issues worldwide? Design Studio is a new thematic series that distils the most topical work and ideas from schools and practices globally.

Everything needs to change. Les mer
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Want to keep up with emerging design thinking and issues worldwide? Design Studio is a new thematic series that distils the most topical work and ideas from schools and practices globally.

Everything needs to change. Every minute we pollute the air and rivers using resources that we cannot replenish. Each newly erected building aggravates by consuming additional materials and energy.

Exploring architecture and the climate emergency, editors So fie Pelsmakers (sustainable architect, educator and author of The Environmental Design Pocketbook) and Nick Newman (climate activist and Director of award-winning practice Studio Bark) are channelling the message of Greta Thunberg to inspire, enthuse and inform the next generation of architects.

By including articles, building pro files and design projects from a range of leading voices, it explores solutions to climatic, environmental and social challenges. It urges readers to radically rethink what it means to be an architect in an era of climate crisis, and what the role of the architect is or can be.

Features: Goldsmith Street, Norwich; Kingsdale School, London; Upcycle Studios, Orestad; Olympic Pavilion, Tokyo; School of Dancing Arches, Bhadran; Burwood Brickworks, Melbourne; UN17 Village, Copenhagen, and more.

Discover how by using local materials and working with nature, radical design processes and transformative learning, infused with activism, hope can be found in the burning world.

The cover has been designed in four unique fluorescent colours - green, pink, red or yellow - and delivered at random.

Together, we can force change for a more sustainable and equitable tomorrow.



Editor's Note

Creating Change with Impact: An Architect's Manifesto

By Dorte Mandrup

Not Opposites: A Conversation with Hiroshi Sambuichi on Architecture and Nature

By Andrew Barrie

Think Before You Build

By Kari Kytoela, Paulina Sawczuk and Satu Huuhka

Movement Building: Activism in an Age of Crisis

By Tom Bennett

The Sponge City: Planning, Design and Political Design

By Kongjian Yu

Contesting the Architect's Role Through Radical Participatory Design: A Discussion with Al Borde and raumlabor

By Mario Kolkwitz and Elina Luotonen

Transforming Education in a Climate Emergency

By Architects Climate Action Network (ACAN)

Architectural Learning for a Sustainable Future

By Elizabeth Donovan, Urszula Kozminska, Nacho Ruiz Allen and Thomas R. Hilberth

Hope in the Burning World

By Kasia Nawratek

Towards a Zero Carbon Architecture: Clay Field, Suffolk, UK; Goldsmith Street, Norwich,
UK; Housing for City of York, UK

By Mikhail Riches

Radical Sustainable Architecture: Kingsdale School, London, UK

By Alex de Rijke at dRMM

Co-housing Project: Vindmollebakken, Stavanger, Norway

By Siv Helene Stangeland at Helen & Hard Architects

Implementing Sustainability: Upcycle Studios, Orestad, Denmark; Resource Rows, Orestad,
Denmark; Olympic Pavilion, Tokyo, Japan; UN17 Village, Copenhagen, Denmark

By Anders Lendager at Lendager Group

A Choreography of Bricks: School of Dancing Arches, Bhadran, India

By Samira Rathod

Adaptation Out of Necessity: Cuba

By Anyana Zimmerman and Fabian Rodriguez Izquierdo

Sustainability is Not Enough: SBRC, University of Wollongong, Australia; Burnwood Brickworks,
Melbourne, Australia; The Paddock, Castlemaine, Australia

By Stephen Choi

Final Word

Om forfatteren

Sofie Pelsmakers is an Assistant Professor of Sustainable Architecture at Tampere University, Finland. She is an environmental architect, educator and researcher, and the author of the Environmental Design Pocketbook. She is an expert in holistic sustainable architecture, building performance, low energy, zero carbon buildings and retrofit, and sustainable design pedagogies. She is actively engaged in making a difference in architecture by training the next generation of architects through her teaching, publications, and public speaking/workshops.

Nick Newman is Director of Studio Bark and U-Build. His experience spans environmental architecture, climate activism, building performance evaluation and deep energy retrofits. Nick is a Passivhaus Designer and has contributed to a number of journals and publications, including the Environmental Design Pocketbook and the Passivhaus Designer's Manual. He speaks regularly at events on behalf of the studio and was named a 'Rising Sustainability Star' by Building magazine in 2014. Nick is an advocate for radical responses to the Climate Emergency and was arrested in October 2019 for his involvement in the Extinction Rebellion protests, which brought Central London to a standstill.