Little Book about the Big Bang - Tony Rothman

Little Book about the Big Bang

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Forlag: The Belknap Press
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780674251847
Format: 16 x 11 cm

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«A remarkably comprehensive account of modern cosmology. Rothman emphasizes what we confidently know about the big bang, but also provides insight into the important unanswered questions in the field, taking us to where the deep puzzles lie.»

«Everything a cosmos-curious reader could want: a clear, concise, yet comprehensive exploration of the biggest concepts in the universe.»

«With humor and clarity, Tony Rothman elucidates the physics and philosophy behind the big bang theory, one of science’s crowning achievements. Though an expert in general relativity, Einstein’s masterful—and highly mathematical—theory of gravitation, Rothman has the gift of being able to explain his field and its application to the study of the universe, in an eminently understandable way without equations. A Little Book about the Big Bang is a must for anyone interested in a clear account of how the universe grew up into the starry wonder we witness today.»

«Modern cosmology tells the fascinating tale of the evolution of the universe. Tony Rothman is our thoughtful guide, always careful to distinguish established science from speculative theory as we explore the fundamental nature of the big bang.»

«Tony Rothman’s book beautifully explores some of the biggest questions that humanity has pondered for centuries. A Little Book about the Big Bang highlights the cutting-edge work being done by cosmologists, who in recent decades have made extraordinary progress toward revealing the secrets of our universe. Read this book—you will be inspired.»

«A concise examination of the origin of the universe…Lucid and informative.»

Kirkus Reviews

«Aims to guide both laymen and experts through the latest scientific thinking on the subject…Explains complex ideas clearly with useful analogies, some simple diagrams, and very little mathematics…This book may look small in size but, much like Doctor Who’s TARDIS, on the inside it is so much bigger.»

, BBC Sky at Night

«A delightful romp through the exciting field of cosmology. Rothman’s book covers the topic in a clear and lucid way that any science enthusiast will enjoy. Five stars!»

«The big bang is a big topic that Rothman handles with ease and elegance. For those craving an epic story, this is the book for you!»

Tony Rothman has taught physics at Harvard, Princeton, and NYU. A former editor at Scientific American, he is the author of thirteen books, including Sacred Mathematics: Japanese Temple Geometry (with Fukagawa Hidetoshi) and A Physicist on Madison Avenue.