Advanced Composites in Aerospace Engineering Applications

Norkhairunnisa Mazlan (Redaktør) ; S.M. Sapuan (Redaktør) ; R.A. Ilyas (Redaktør)

This book presents an authoritative account of the potential of advanced composites such as composites, biocomposites, composites geopolymer, hybrid composites and hybrid biocomposites in aerospace application. Les mer
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This book presents an authoritative account of the potential of advanced composites such as composites, biocomposites, composites geopolymer, hybrid composites and hybrid biocomposites in aerospace application. It documents how in recent years, composite materials have grown in strength, stature, and significance to become a key material of enhanced scientific interest and resultant research into understanding their behavior for selection and safe use in a wide spectrum of technology-related applications. This collection highlights how their unique combination of superior properties such as low density, high strength, high elastic modulus, high hardness, high temperature capability, and excellent chemical and environmental stability are optimized in technologies within these field.
Forlag: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 522
ISBN: 9783030881917
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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1. Advanced Polymer Composite Manufacturing Dimensions For Aerospace Engineering Applications2. Impact Studies of Nano and Hybrid Composites3. High Strain Rate Studies of Polymer and Hybrid Nanocomposites4. Design Methodologies for Composite Structures in Aircraft Engines5. Machining of Aerospace-Grade Composites and Related Stacks for Aircraft Applications6. Advanced Potential Hybrid Biocomposites in Aerospace Applications: A comprehensive review7. Finite element modelling of the effects of vent holes in carbon fibre reinforced composite laminates: analysis of stress field pattern8. Mechanical, Thermal and Wear Behavior of SiC Particle Strengthening of PMMA-Toughened Glass-Epoxy Hybrid Composite9. An Overview on the Natural/Synthetic Fibre Reinforced Metal-Composite Sandwich Structures for Potential Application in Aerospace Sectors10. Investigation and Analysis the Surface Veracity Aspects for the WireEDM of Al/ZrO2(P)-MMC11. Material Characterization of Alloys for Aerospace Applications: Effect of laser power on the Co-axially deposited T64 alloy and Cu12. Optimization of Reinforcement Parameters and Turning Conditions for Improving Surface Quality of Hybrid Al-SiC-Red Mud Composite13. Thermal characterization of graphitized carbon nanotube reinforced Ti64 nanocomposites synthesized by field assisted sintering technique for fuselage and wing box applications 14. Hybrid Biocomposites: Utilization in Aerospace Engineering15. Moulding of Carbon-Epoxy Composite Prepregs for Applications in Aerospace Industries16. Recent trends in Hybrid Composites for aerospace applications: A review17. Flexural and impact properties of hybrid of fibre reinforced in PLA nanocomposites with for aerospace applications.18. Evolution of Aerospace Composite Materials19. Cooling Curve Thermal Analysis of Al-20%Mg2Si-xB4C Hybrid Composites for Aerospace Applications20. Microstructural Characterization, Mechanical Properties and Sliding Wear Behavior of Al-20%Mg2Si-xB4C Hybrid Composites of the Aircraft Body21. Hybrid Composites for Very Large Lightweight Wind Turbine Blades: Structural and Materials Aspects22. Influence of scanning speed on the laser metal deposition of Ti-6Al-4V and Mo for aerospace application23. Carbon nanomaterial-carbon fiber hybrid composite for lightweight structural composites in the aerospace industry: Synthesis, processing, and properties24. Advanced Composites in Aerospace Applications: Opportunities, Challenges and Future Perspective
Dr. Norkhairunnisa Mazlan is an Associate Professor of nanocomposite materials at Universiti Putra Malaysia. She is currently serving under the Department of Aerospace Engineering. She has graduated with honours from School of Industrial Technology, Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM) in 2005. In 2006, she earned her master`s degree in Materials Engineering from USM and in 2012, she received her PhD in Nanotechnology from USM.

S.M. Sapuan is a professor of composite materials at Universiti Putra Malaysia. He earned his B.Eng degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Newcastle, Australia in 1990, MSc from Loughborough University, UK in 1994 and Ph.D from De Montfort University, UK in 1998.

R.A. Ilyas is a senior lecturer in School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia. He received his Diploma in Forestry, Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) in 2012. In 2016, he earned his Bachelor's Degree (BSc) in Chemical Engineering from UPM and in 2016, he received his Ph.D in Biocomposite Technology and Product Design from UPM.