Truth Be Told - Sue Divin

Truth Be Told

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«A compelling, original story that will make you laugh, cry, and laugh til you cry.»

«Profoundly powerful, subtle and effective, this superb debut evokes the deep-rooted mistrust lingering in the wake of the Troubles, as well as a new, tentative flowering of hope and love.»

The Guardian on Guard Your Heart

«A compelling, engaging narrative.»

, Irish Times on Guard Your Heart

«Truth Be Told is another unique and moving story from Sue Divin, and tells the story of Northern Ireland as warmly and insightfully as the story of her wonderful characters.»

«Divin's second YA novel boasts all the power, humour and heartbreaak of Carnegie-shorted debut.»

, Guardian

«A moving, fascinating story that will have you gripped from the outset.»

Armadillo Magazine

«For the most part Divin’s work leans into the dramatic rather than the comedic echoing the work of fellow Northern Irish writers Jan Carson and the late Lyra McKee in her explanation of a post-troubles place still haunted by trauma and violence… a more nuanced account of the conflict than simply ‘us versus them. Divin avoids demonising or sanctifying anyone… This polished novel makes space for the messy complexity of human existence, and gently offers, but does not preach, hope. It makes for a deeply satisfying and engaging reading experience.»

The Irish Times

«A really beautiful tale of hope, acceptance, and most of all family. From start to finish, this book had me fascinated, immersed, and wanting to know more. A really engaging read.»

Juno Magazine

«Conflict is not always black and white. There are greys. Truth can be messy and hard to hear. Divin's excellent novel explores these nuances in a story that is well-told and peopled by wonderful characters.»

The Sunday Independent

«…unflinching prose fiction…. but it is not without humour; we are left with discernible hope, despite the darkness… This is a story about family and trauma, but also at its heart it is a story about growing up and finding love in the families we are born into and the ones we create.»

, Dig With It

«Divin's powerful and compelling writing on contemporary issues appeals to teens and adults alike… [Truth Be Told] delves into the transgenerational impact of the Troubles in Northern Ireland upon three generations of women. Laced with dry wit, emotion and self-deprecating humour, Truth Be Told doesn't shy away from tough subjects - paramilitary punishment shootings, suicide, the legalisation of same-sex relationships, abortion and even gay conversion therapy.»

, The Irish News

«A gritty, contemporary style packed with dry wit, strong emotions and challenging exploration of issues.»

Reading Zone

«Compelling portrayal of life and love across the political and religious divide of Northern Ireland.»

Love Reading 4 Schools

«This modern-day love story reflects the impact of conflict on second, third and future generations – the hurt, the damage, the loss and the grief – and reminds us of the long-lasting legacy of war.»

The Scotsman

«It’s a Derry Girls-style set-up… Tara unpicks long-held family secrets in a uniquely withering voice.»

Financial Times