Neon's Secret Universe - Sibéal Pounder

Neon's Secret Universe

; Sarah Warburton (Illustratør)

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«The inside of Sibéal Pounder’s head must be a spectacular place! Full of colour and glitter and goo – and a bonkersly brilliant imagination!»

Lesley Parr, author of The Valley of Lost Secrets and When the War Came Home

«I adored not-at-all normal Neon and her madcap adventure»

Joanna Nadin, author of The Worst Class in the World series

«Neon’s Secret Universe is exactly what the world needs right now; a glorious, galloping, life-affirming stampede of pure multi-coloured joy [...] Each and every page is a riot of stupendous silliness and breath-taking imagination. I want to go on holiday inside Sibeal Pounder’s head»

Chris Smith, author of Kid Normal, The Great Dream Robbery and Frankie Best Hates Quests

«Sibéal Pounder’s books are the most fought over in our house. They’ve brought so much joy and laughter and Neon’s Secret UNIverse is no exception. Fun, funny, magical and fizzing with imagination, my children and I have been pinching it off each other since it landed!»

Sophie Anderson, author of The House with Chicken Legs

«Bright, bubbly and never knowingly normal, Neon’s Secret Universe is a whirlwind of witty wonderful adventure!»

Mo O’Hara, author of My Big Fat Zombie Goldfish and Agent Moose

«Neon's Secret Universe fizzes and pops with joyful hilarity. I laughed so much as I read it - and it made me want to become (the real kind of) unicorn!»

Stephanie Burgis, author of The Dragon with a Chocolate Heart and The Raven Heir

«Very sparkly storytelling and a lovely portrayal of friendship»

Hilary McKay on TINSEL

«This the most fun I’ve had reading a book in quite a while – the most inventive, crazy, yet hilarious read»

Minerva Reads on WITCH WARS

«Fizzing with fun»

Daily Mail on WITCH TRICKS

«You'll laugh your tail off – another winner from our favourite author»

Rob Biddulph on BAD MERMAIDS

«[An] imaginative adventure that's as silly as it is magical»


«Zany, funny and irrepressibly bright»