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Winner of the prestigious FEEM 20th Anniversary Prize for its contribution to the field of environmental economics, Resources for the Future is the pre-eminent research institution devoted exclusively to environmental issues. Les mer
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Winner of the prestigious FEEM 20th Anniversary Prize for its contribution to the field of environmental economics, Resources for the Future is the pre-eminent research institution devoted exclusively to environmental issues. The RFF Library Collection brings back landmark books published by RFF throughout its nearly 60-year history, with works by the greatest thinkers in economics and environmental policy, including Kenneth Arrow, Marion Clawson, John Krutilla, and Alan Kneese. Wallace Oates.
Available as a 76-volume anthology, individual volumes, or thematic sets, The Collection is essential for institutions and individuals seeking to acquire the most classic and relevant literature in environmental and natural resource management, planning and land use, agriculture, environment and development, and energy.



Policy and Governance Set
NEPA in the Courts: A Legal Analysis of the National Environmental Policy Act
By Frederick R. Anderson
9781617260629 o 324 pp
Representative Government and Environmental Management
By Edwin T. Haefele
9781617260643 o 188 pp
The Governance of Common Property Resources
Edited by Edwin T. Haefele
9781617260698 o 181 pp
A Policy Approach to Political Representation: Lessons from the Four Corners States
By Helen M. Ingram, Nancy K. Laney, and John R. McCain
9781617260575 o 270 pp
Science & Resources: Prospects and Implications of Technological Advance
Edited by Henry Jarrett
9781617260667 o 250 pp
Air Pollution and Human Health
By Lester B. Lave and Eugene P. Seskin
9781617260582 o 368 pp
The Invisible Resource: Use and Regulation of the Radio Spectrum
By Harvey J. Levin
9781617260704 o 432 pp
Rules in the Making: A Statistical Analysis of Regulatory Agency Behavior
By Wesley A. Magat, Alan J. Krupnick, and Winston Harrington
9781617260650 o 182 pp
Regional Conflict and National Policy
Edited by Kent A. Price
9781617260636 o 142 pp
The Future of Alaska: Economic Consequences of Statehood
By George W. Rogers
9781617260681 o 311 pp
Collective Decision Making: Applications from Public Choice Theory
Edited by Clifford S. Russell
9781617260599 o 296 pp
Steel Production: Processes, Products, and Residuals
Clifford S. Russell and William J. Vaughan
9781617260674 o 328 pp
Enforcing Pollution Control Laws
Clifford S. Russell, Winston Harrington, and William J. Vaughan
9781617260612 o 231 pp
Compliance & Public Authority: A Theory with International Applications
Oran R. Young
9781617260605 o 172 pp
Forests, Lands, and Recreation Set
The Federal Lands Revisited
By Marion Clawson
9781617260407 o 302 pp
Forests for Whom and for What?
By Marion Clawson
9781617260353 o 175 pp
Economics of Outdoor Recreation
By Marion Clawson and Jack L. Knetsch
9781617260346 o 328 pp
Public Lands Politics: Interest Group Influence on the Forest Service and the Bureau of Land Management
By Paul J. Culhane
9781617260377 o 398 pp
America's National Parks and Their Keepers
By Ronald A. Foresta
9781617260339 o 382 pp
Timber Supply, Land Allocation, and Economic Efficiency
By William F. Hyde
9781617260421 o 224 pp
Our National Park Policy: A Critical History
By John Ise
9781617260360 o 701 pp
The Forest Service: A Study in Public Land Management
By Glen O. Robinson
9781617260414 o 337 pp
Simulation of Recreational Use for Park and Wilderness Management
By Mordechai Shechter and Robert C. Lucas
9781617260384 o 220 pp
Structure and Properties of a Wilderness Travel Simulator: An Application to the Spanish Peaks Area
By V. Kerry Smith and John V. Krutilla
9781617260391 o 173 pp
Energy Policy Set
Economic Aspects of Oil Conservation Regulation
By Wallace F. Lovejoy and Paul T. Homan
9781617260186 o 295 pp
Petroleum Conservation in the United States: An Economic Analysis
By Stephen L. McDonald
9781617260223 o 279 pp
The Leasing of Federal Lands for Fossil Fuels Production
By Stephen L. McDonald
9781617260230 o 184 pp
Energy, Economic Growth, and the Environment
Edited by Sam H. Schurr
9781617260209 o 232 pp
Energy in America's Future: The Choices Before Us
By Sam H. Schurr, Joel Darmstadter, Harry Perry, William Ramsay, and Milton Russell
9781617260193 o 155 pp
Unitization of Oil and Gas Fields in Texas: A Study of Legislative, Administrative, and Judicial Policies
By Jacqueline Lang Weaver
9781617260247 o 555 pp
Analyzing Demand Behavior: A Study of Energy Elasticities
By Douglas R. Bohi
9781617260162 o 177 pp
Limiting Oil Imports: An Economic History and Analysis
By Douglas R. Bohi and Milton Russell
9781617260216 o 356 pp
Discounting for Time and Risk in Energy Policy
By Robert C. Lind, Kenneth J. Arrow, Gordon R. Corey, Partha Dasgupta, Amartya K. Sen, Thomas Stauffer, Joseph E. Stiglitz, J.A. Stockfisch, and Robert Wilson
9781617260179 o 468 pp
Water Policy Set
Technology in American Water Development
By Edward A. Ackerman and George O.G. L f
97816172608276 o 710 pp
The Florida Experiences: Land and Water Policy in a Growth State
By Luther J. Carter
9781617260711 o 354 pp
Scarce Water and Institutional Change
Edited by Kenneth D. Frederick
9781617260810 o 207 pp
Water Management and Agricultural Development: A Case Study of the Cuyo Region of Argentina
By Kenneth D. Frederick
9781617260858 o 187 pp
Interbasin Transfers of Water: Economic Issues and Impacts
By Charles W. Howe and K. William Easter
9781617260780 o 196 pp
Managing Water Quality: Economics, Technology, Institutions
By Allen V. Kneese and Blair T. Bower
9781617260797 o 328 pp
The Economics of Regional Water Quality Management
By Allen V. Kneese
9781617260841 o 215 pp
The Columbia River Treaty: The Economics of an International River Basin Development
By John V. Krutilla
9781617260834 o 211 pp
Multiple Purpose River Development: Studies in Applied Economic Analysis
By John V. Krutilla and Otto Eckstein
9781617260803 o 301 pp
Agriculture and Fisheries Set
The Cropland Crisis: Myth or Reality?
Edited by Pierre R. Crosson
9781617260131 o 250 pp
The Common Wealth in Ocean Fisheries: Some Problems of Growth and Economic Allocation
By Francis T. Christy, Jr. and Anthony Scott
9781617260100 o 281 pp
The Pacific Salmon Fisheries: A Study of Irrational Conservation
By James A. Crutchfield and Giulio Pontecorvo
9781617260155 o 220 pp
Soil Conservation in Perspective
By R. Burnell Held and Marion Clawson
9781617260124 o 344 pp
The Overproduction Trap in U.S. Agriculture: A Study of Resource Allocation from World War I to the Late 1960's
Edited by Glenn L. Johnson and C. Leroy Quance
9781617260148 o 211 pp
Governing Soil Conservation: Thirty Years of the New Decentralization
By Robert J. Morgan
9781617260117 o 399 pp
Environmental and Resource Economics Set
Public Investment, the Rate of Return, and Optimal Fiscal Policy
By Kenneth J. Arrow and Mordecai Kurz
9781617260308 o 218 pp
Scarcity and Growth: The Economics of Natural Resource Availability
By Harold J. Barnett and Chandler Morse
9781617260315 o 288 pp
Environmental Quality in a Growing Economy: Essays from the Sixth RFF Forum
Edited by Henry Jarrett
9781617260278 o 173 pp
Environmental Quality Analysis:Theory & Method in the Social Sciences
Edited by Allen V. Kneese and Blair T. Bower
9781617260261 o 408 pp
Measuring the Benefits of Clean Air and Water
By Allen V. Kneese
9781617260285 o 159 pp
Natural Environments: Studies in Theoretical & Applied Analysis
Edited by John V. Krutilla
9781617260292 o 352 pp
Environmental Economics: A Theoretical Inquiry
By Karl-G ran M ler
9781617260254 o 267 pp
Scarcity and Growth Reconsidered
Edited by V. Kerry Smith
9781617260322 o 298 pp
Natural Resource Management Set
New Deal Planning: The National Resources Planning Board
By Marion Clawson
9781617260544 o 356 pp
America's Renewable Resources: Historical Trends and Current Challenges
Edited by Kenneth D. Frederick and Roger A. Sedjo
9781617260315 o 288 pp
Land Use and the States
By Robert G. Healy and John S. Rosenberg
9781617260537 o 284 pp
Comparisons in Resource Management: Six Notable Programs in Other Countries and Their Possible U.S. Application
Edited by Henry Jarrett
9781617260513 o 271 pp
Perspectives On Conservation: Essays on America's Natural Resources
Edited by Henry Jarrett
9781617260551 o 260 pp
The World Copper Industry: Structure and Economic Analysis
By Raymond F. Mikesell
9781617260568 o 393 pp
Conservation and Economic Efficiency: An Approach To Materials Policy
By Talbot Page
9781617260520 o 266 pp
Global Environment and Development Set
Rural Women at Work: Strategies for Development in South Asia
By Ruth B. Dixon
9781617260490 o 227 pp
Natural Resource Information for Economic Development
By Orris C. Herfindahl
9781617260452 o 212 pp
Foreign Investment in the Petroleum and Mineral Industries: Case Studies of Investor-Host Country Relations
By Raymond F. Mikesell
9781617260445 o 459 pp
The Development of Tropical Lands: Policy Issues in Latin America
By Michael Nelson
9781617260476 o 306 pp
Economic Equality and Fertility in Developing Countries
By Robert Repetto
9781617260438 o 186 pp
Population and Development: The Search for Selective Interventions
Edited by Ronald G. Ridker
9781617260469 o 467 pp
The Seventh Continent: Antarctica in a Resource Age
By Deborah Shapley
9781617260483 o 315 pp
Urban and Regional Economics Set
Suburban Land Conversion in the United States: An Economic and Governmental Process
By Marion Clawson
9781617260773 o 406 pp
Metropolis and Region
By Otis Dudley Duncan, William Richard Scott, Stanley Lieberson, Beverly Davis Duncan, and Hal H. Winsborough
9781617260759 o 587 pp
Financing the New Federalism: Revenue Sharing, Conditional Grants, and Taxation
Edited by Wallace E. Oates
9781617260445 o 459 pp
Issues in Urban Economics
Edited by Harvey S. Perloff and Lowdon Wingo, Jr.
9781617260742 o 668 pp
Cities and Space: The Future Use of Urban Land
By Lowdon Wingo, Jr.
9781617260728 o 261 pp
Public Economics and the Quality of Life
Edited by Lowdon Wingo and Alan Evans
9781617260766 o 327 pp