Human Interaction, Emerging Technologies and Future Applications III

Proceedings of the 3rd International Conference on Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies: Future Applications (IHIET 2020), August 27-29, 2020, Paris, France

Tareq Ahram (Redaktør) ; Redha Taiar (Redaktør) ; Karine Langlois (Redaktør) ; Arnaud Choplin (Redaktør)

Serie: Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing 1253

This book reports on research and developments in human-technology interaction. A special emphasis is given to human-computer interaction, and its implementation for a wide range of purposes such as healthcare, aerospace, telecommunication, and education, among others. Les mer
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På grunn av Brexit-tilpasninger og tiltak for å begrense covid-19 kan det dessverre oppstå forsinket levering.

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This book reports on research and developments in human-technology interaction. A special emphasis is given to human-computer interaction, and its implementation for a wide range of purposes such as healthcare, aerospace, telecommunication, and education, among others. The human aspects are analyzed in detail. Timely studies on human-centered design, wearable technologies, social and affective computing, augmented, virtual and mixed reality simulation, human rehabilitation and biomechanics represent the core of the book. Emerging technology applications in business, security, and infrastructure are also critically examined, thus offering a timely, scientifically-grounded, but also professionally-oriented snapshot of the current state of the field. The book is based on contributions presented at the 3rd International Conference on Human Interaction and Emerging Technologies: Future Applications, IHIET 2020, held on August 27-29, 2020. It offers a timely survey and a practice-oriented reference guide to researchers and professionals dealing with design and/or management of the new generation of service systems.



Human-centered DesignLooking at Driving Automation from a Passenger's Perspective: Driving Experience and Gaze Behavior during Fully Automated vs. Human Vehicle Control

Designing robo-taxis to promote ride-pooling

How to Measure UX and Usability in Today's Connected Vehicles

Exemplification of Assessing Human Centered Design Processes from ISO 9241-220

The importance of feedback for object hand-overs between human and robot

Using technology to encourage the participation of persons with disabilities: Exploring cultural leisure activities in a theatre environment

Exploring the Acceptance of the Web-based Coding Tool in an Introductory Programming Course: A Pilot Study

An exploratory approach towards fashion e-commerce

Data-driven Analysis of Human-Machine Systems - A Data Logger and Possible Use Cases for Field Studies with Cordless Power Tool

Landing UX Design Thinking Tools and Strategies in a Chinese Context

Pedestrian traffic planning with TOPSIS. Case Study Urdesa Norte, Guayaquil, Ecuador

Multicriteria Algorithms for Multisensory Design

An Objective Rating Approach for Vibration Discomfort Evaluation in Power Tool Ergonomics - Examination of higher Frequency Components

Exploring interaction qualities from teenagers' studying behavior for learning feature in museum exhibit

Human digital twins and cognitive mimetics

The Influence of Lighting Settings on Museum's Brand Image and Human Satisfaction in Exhibition Halls Using Virtual Reality

Effects of Colors toward Pleasant Impression on Sofa Furniture through Electroencephalography (EEG)

HelaBeat: An Extensible Audio Streaming Mobile Application.

BraVo: A Physiological Indication System for Female College Students to Manage Depression

Effects of different scheduling systems on crews' situation awareness under long-term operation conditions

Prototype of urban-natural transition as ecological border approach: Case study

Exploring a Taxonomy of Interaction in Interactive Sonification Systems

Artificial Intelligence and Computing

Talker and Team Dependent Modeling Techniques for Intelligent Interruption Interfaces

Dimensionality reduction and the strange case of categorical data for predicting defective water meter devices

Speaker Verification Method Using Hierarchical Temporal Memory for Security System

Research on Precision of Transmission Mechanism in Flight Control Deck Suite of Civil Aircraft

A framework for selecting classification models in the intruder detection system using TOPSIS

Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality Simulation

Physical add-ons for haptic human-surrounding interaction and sensorial augmentation

A mixed reality interface for handheld 3D scanners

A Comparative Study of 3 DOF Travel Techniques for Immersive Virtual Flythroughs: the Leap Motion and the Oculus Rift S Hand Controllers

Use of virtual reality in the nursing school's toco-surgery teaching process

Digital technologies in expanding the boundaries through immersive spaces: case studies in vessel and yacht design

Sound perception in 3D virtual environments: Application to a Roman theatre of Hispania

Design of an innovative system for safety and health at work applied to construction

Wearable Technologies and Affective Computing

Instagram Photo Sharing and its Relationships with Social Rewards and Social Connectedness

Building a unique method to teach how to "design" with and for ICS Materials in the wearable domain

Emotion detection on smartphones through memory tasks involving watching videos

On Air: flirting with podcasts as an auxiliary educational resource

Human-computer Interaction

Design of Digital Mediation Tool for Self-disclosing PTSD

Mind-reading chatbots: We are not there yet

Approaching Instant Messaging (IM) by Connecting Usage Scenario and User Interaction for More Meaningful Notification

A Multilayered Contextually Intelligent Activity Recognition Framework for Smart Home

NeuroDesign: Embracing Neuroscience Instruments to Investigate Human Collaboration in Design

Research on Instructor's Teaching Styles: Efficiency Factors in Human - Machine Interaction Training with Aircraft Simulators for Chinese Pilots

An Intelligent Ubiquitous Activity Aware Framework for Smart Home

Towards a Knowledge Base for Activity Recognition of Diverse Users

Towards A Language for Defining Human Behavior for Complex Activities

User Interface in Virtual Space Using VR Device with Eye Tracking

A Framework for facilitating Human-Human Interactions to Mitigate Loneliness in Elderly

Healthcare and Medical Applications

Segmentation of musculotendinous structures of the hip from 3D imaging for patient-specific individualization of biomechanical simulations

Move ahead with Mahalanobis Distance-Pattern Approach

How does the COM position of the vacuum cleaner affect muscle activity while vacuuming?

Sitting posture discrimination, method for back pain prevention system

Effective Speech Features for Distinguishing Mild Dementia Patients from Healthy Person

Blink Detection Using Image Processing to Predict Eye Fatigue

Human-Technology and Future of Work

New Investment of Innovative Design of The Future Workstation Advancing Sedentary Work Behavior

Industry 4.0 in Logistics and associated Employee Competencies - A Technology Providers' Perspective

Digital Twin Modeling of Smart Cities

Upper limbs motion tracking for collaborative robotic applications

Relationship between frugal and inclusive innovation and digital employment solutions (DES): A review

Are charts going digital? The case of Data Visualization on Portuguese Media

Following-up digitalization initiatives in a high-hazard industry - from a regulatory perspective

Approaches to Improve Shop Floor Management

Deliver insights, not information: The power of data visualization to improve care delivery and patient experience

Enabling new forms of work organization on the shopfloor through technology-driven innovation

Comparison of muscular activity analysis for electrical tecnicians using exoeskeleton in the Colombia industry, Enel-Codensa study

Prevention of occupational risks related to the Human-Robot Collaboration

Emerging Technologies and Applications

Voice Commerce - Studying the Acceptance of Smart Speakers

Creating a New Self-Sustaining Society

A Cyber-Physical System for Low Cost Monitoring and Sensing of Rural Areas Using Sensors, Microcontrollers and LoRa Network: Agriculture 4.0

The efficiency of Information and Communication Technologies in high and low turbulence environment

A Model using Green Lean in Rice Crop Supply Chain: An Investigation in Piura, Peru

Application of Lean Manufacturing in a Peruvian clothing company to reduce the amount of non-conforming products

Mega Science Projects for Business

Production process optimization model to increase productivity of microenterprises in the industrial chemical sector using 5S and TPM

Proposal for Improvement the Manufacture of Aluminum Pots Using Lean Manufacturing Tools

Production model to improve the efficiency of a Peruvian cotton knitwear export company using 5s, standardization of operations and autonomous maintenance

Supply Chain Management based on House of Risk: A case study in a Peruvian banana company

Fraud Detection in a Financial Payment System.

Mobile Phone Usage Habits of Chinese Graduate Students' and the Training of MTI Interpreters

Collaborative model to reduce stock breaks in the Peruvian retail sector by applying the S&OP methodology

Applying Lean Agriculture in organic apple: Case study in Peru

Model to improve the efficiency in the extrusion area in a manufacturing SME of the industrial plastic sector based on SMED, autonomous maintenance and 5S

Leagile Model in the Avocado Supply Chain: Case Study in Huaral, Peru

Improvement for Production Management and Control Using Lean Manufacturing Tools in the Manufacturing of Posts and Accessories

Application of human factors engineering principles to the design and development of medical wearable sensor for cardiac monitoring

Improvement of the Polymer Insulation Production Process Using Lean Manufacturing Tools and Plant Layout Design

Productivity model focused on Six Sigma and Lean Manufacturing to improve the quality of service in SMEs in Peru

Process Improvement Proposal for the Reduction of Machine Setup Time in a Copper Transformation Company Using Lean Manufacturing Tools

Combined method of redesign for the packing area in a Peruvian bakery SME Provider of National Food Programs

Production model to increase productivity and delivery compliance in the Peruvian textile sector by applying Value Stream Mapping, 5S and Flexible Production Systems

Production Model for the Reduction of Order Delivery Time in a Peruvian Metalworking Company Based on the Six Sigma DMAIC Methodology

Governance of Ambient Assisted Living for Age Friendly Inclusive Cities

Proposal for an early warning system against flood risks in the urban area of Canton Milagro, Ecuador

Process management model aligned to the Civil Service Law in public entities of Peru