Sorting and Recycling Endosomes

Wei Guo (Redaktør)

«Praise for the Series: "The series is invaluable for workers at all levels of cell biology." --Nature»

Sorting and Recycling Endosomes provides the latest information on endosomes, the receiving compartment for endocytosed cargos, and the donor compartment and sorting station for cargos designated to lysosomes, Golgi, or plasma membrane. Les mer
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Sorting and Recycling Endosomes provides the latest information on endosomes, the receiving compartment for endocytosed cargos, and the donor compartment and sorting station for cargos designated to lysosomes, Golgi, or plasma membrane.

In recent years, the importance of endosomes as a sorting and recycling compartment has become increasingly appreciated. As such, scientists from various fields of cell biology, membrane traffic, and beyond, see the needs to communicate and learn about the methods used to investigate the dynamics and functions of endosomes.

This book brings together specialists from the field who contribute their expertise on a broad range of biomedical topics that will provide ideal reading for researchers interested in endosomal sorting and recycling. This volume covers the approaches necessary to study the key components that mediate the generation and transport of membrane-bounded carriers from the endosomes, and how membrane trafficking machinery is coordinated with cytoskeletons during these processes. In addition to studies carried out in mammalian cells, other model systems such as worm and yeast are also included.



1. Dynamic Imaging of the Recycling Endosomal Network in Macrophages
Adam A. Wall, Nicholas D. Condon, Jeremy C. Yeo, Nicholas A. Hamilton and Jennifer L. Stow
2. Analyzing the Functions of Rab11-Effector Proteins During Cell Division
Rytis Prekeris
3. Expression and Localization of Exocytic and Recycling Rabs from Magnaportheoryzae in Mammalian Cells
Yaoyao Qi, M. Caleb Marlin, Zhimin Liang, Dongmei Zhang, Jie Zhou, Zonghua Wang, Guodong Lu and Guangpu Li
4. Methods to Analyze Novel Liaisons Between Endosomes and Centrosomes
Hui-Fang Hung, Heidi Hehnly and Stephen Doxsey
5. Biochemical Analysis of Rabin8, the Guanine Nucleotide Exchange Factor for Rab8
Bin Wu, Juanfei Wang, Yuting Zhao and  Wei Guo
6. Simple In vitro Assay of Arf GAPs and Preparation of Arf Proteins as Substrates
Pei-Wen Chen, Xiaoying Jian, Ruibai Luo and Paul A. Randazzo
7. An ACAP1 Coat Complex Acting in Endocytic Recycling
Jian Li and  Victor W. Hsu
8. Biochemical Methods for Studying Kinetic Regulation of Arf1 Activation by Sec7
Brian C. Richardson and J. Christopher Fromme
9. Rab and Arf G Proteins in Endosomal Trafficking
Dipannita Dutta and Julie G. Donaldson
10. Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of Endocytic Recycling
James B. Reineke, Shuwei Xie, Naava Naslavsky and Steve Caplan
11. Methods for Analyzing the Role of Phospholipase A2 Enzymes in Endosome Membrane Tubule Formation
Danielle N. Kalkofen, Paul de Figueiredo and William J. Brown
12. In vivo Analysis of Recycling Endosomes in C. elegans
Anbing Shi and Barth D. Grant
13. Monitoring Receptor Trafficking Following Retromer and WASH Deregulation
Douglas G. Osborne, Christine A Phillips-Krawczak and Daniel D. Billadeau
14. Quantitative Analysis of Endosome Tubulation and Microdomain Organization Mediated by the WASH Complex
Emmanuel Derivery and Alexis Gautreau
15. Rab GTPases and Kinesin Motors in Endosomal Trafficking
Cédric Delevoye and Bruno Goud
16. Measuring Receptor Recycling in Polarized MDCK Cells
Luciana Gallo and Gerard Apodaca
17. Structural and Functional Analysis of Endosomal Compartments in Epithelial Cells
Andres E. Perez Bay, Ryan Schreiner and Enrique Rodriguez-Boulan
18. Analyzing the Role of AP-1B in Polarized Sorting from Recycling Endosomes in Epithelial Cells
Heike Fölsch
19. Recycling of the Insulin Responsive Glucose Transporter Glut4 Regulated by the Small GTPase RalA and the Exocyst Complex
Chao Nie and Xiao-Wei Chen
20. GPCR Sorting at the Multivesicular Endosomes
Michael Robert Dores and JoAnn Trejo
21. Visualizing and Quantitating Sequence-Dependent GPCR Recycling
Shanna L. Bowman, Amanda L. Soohoo and Manojkumar A. Puthenveedu
22. Methods to Study Endocytic Trafficking of the EGF Receptor
Itziar Pinilla-Macua and Alexander Sorkin

Om forfatteren

Professor Wei Guo is an internationally recognized expert in the study of membrane trafficking. His research focuses on the key players and regulators that control the trafficking from the trans-Golgi network and recycling endosomes to the plasma membrane. He has published many important papers that are highly cited in various fields of cell biology. Dr. Guo has also served on many grant review committees including the National Institute of Health study sections. He was awarded, among others, the Pew Biomedical Scholarship and is currently on the editorial boards of Molecular Biology of the Cell and Cytoskeleton.