Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2020 - Osvaldo Gervasi

Computational Science and Its Applications – ICCSA 2020

20th International Conference, Cagliari, Italy, July 1–4, 2020, Proceedings, Part I

Osvaldo Gervasi (Redaktør) ; Beniamino Murgante (Redaktør) ; Sanjay Misra (Redaktør) ; Chiara Garau (Redaktør) ; Ivan Blečić (Redaktør) ; David Taniar (Redaktør) ; Bernady O. Apduhan (Redaktør) ; Ana Maria A.C. Rocha (Redaktør) ; Eufemia Tarantino (Redaktør) ; Carmelo Maria Torre (Redaktør) ; Yeliz Karaca (Redaktør)

The seven volumes LNCS 12249-12255 constitute the refereed proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2020, held in Cagliari, Italy, in July 2020. Les mer
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The seven volumes LNCS 12249-12255 constitute the refereed proceedings of the 20th International Conference on Computational Science and Its Applications, ICCSA 2020, held in Cagliari, Italy, in July 2020. Due to COVID-19 pandemic the conference was organized in an online event.
Computational Science is the main pillar of most of the present research, industrial and commercial applications, and plays a unique role in exploiting ICT innovative technologies.
The 466 full papers and 32 short papers presented were carefully reviewed and selected from 1450 submissions. Apart from the general track, ICCSA 2020 also include 52 workshops, in various areas of computational sciences, ranging from computational science technologies, to specific areas of computational sciences, such as software engineering, security, machine learning and artificial intelligence, blockchain technologies, and of applications in many fields.
Forlag: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
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Språk: Engelsk
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ISBN: 9783030587987
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