Emerging Trends in Image Processing, Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition

Leonidas Deligiannidis (Redaktør) ; Hamid R Arabnia (Redaktør)

Discuss the latest in trends in imaging science, consisting of three intertwined computer science fields: Image Processing, Compter Vision, and Pattern Recognition. Les mer
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Om boka

Discuss the latest in trends in imaging science, consisting of three intertwined computer science fields: Image Processing, Compter Vision, and Pattern Recognition.



IMAGE PROCESSING (about 30 articles)

This section addresses many of the low-level processing as well as imaging fundamentals.

Chapter 1: Software Tools for Imaging

Chapter 2: Image Generation, Acquisition, and Processing

Chapter 3: Image-based Modeling and Algorithms

Chapter 4: Mathematical Morphology

Chapter 5: Image Geometry and Multi-view Geometry

Chapter 6: 3D Imaging

Chapter 7: Novel Noise Reduction Algorithms

Chapter 8: Image Restoration

Chapter 9: Enhancement Techniques

Chapter 10: Segmentation Techniques

Chapter 11: Motion and Tracking Algorithms and Applications

Chapter 12: Watermarking Methods and Protection + Wavelet Methods

Chapter 13: Image Data Structures and Databases

Chapter 14: Image Compression, Coding, and Encryption

Chapter 15: Video Analysis

Chapter 16: Multi-resolution Imaging Techniques

Chapter 17: Performance Analysis and Evaluation

Chapter 18: Multimedia Systems and Applications

Chapter 19: Novel Image Processing Applications

Section 2: COMPUTER VISION (about 25 articles)

This section addresses many of the mid- to high-level processing as well as vision fundamentals.

Chapter 20: Camera Networks and Vision

Chapter 21: Sensors and Early Vision

Chapter 22: Machine Learning Technologies for Vision

Chapter 23: Image Feature Extraction

Chapter 24: Cognitive and Biologically Inspired Vision

Chapter 25: Object Recognition

Chapter 26: Soft Computing Methods in Image Processing and Vision

Chapter 27: Stereo Vision

Chapter 28: Active and Robot Vision

Chapter 29: Face and Gesture Recognition

Chapter 30: Fuzzy and Neural Techniques in Vision

Chapter 31: Medical Image Processing and Analysis

Chapter 32: Novel Document Image Understanding Techniques

Chapter 33: Special-purpose Machine Architectures for Vision

Chapter 34: Biometric Authentication

Chapter 35: Novel Vision Application and Case Studies

Section 3: PATTERN RECOGNITION (about 20 articles)

This section presents a number of pattern recognition algorithms and methodologies that are of value to the image processing and computer vision research communities.

Chapter 36: Supervised and Un-supervised Classification Algorithms

Chapter 37: Clustering Techniques

Chapter 38: Dimensionality Reduction Methods in Pattern Recognition

Chapter 39: Symbolic Learning

Chapter 40: Ensemble Learning Algorithms

Chapter 41: Parsing Algorithms

Chapter 42: Bayesian Methods in Pattern Recognition and Matching

Chapter 43: Statistical Pattern Recognition

Chapter 44: Invariance in Pattern Recognition

Chapter 45: Knowledge-based Recognition

Chapter 46: Structural and Syntactic Pattern Recognition

Chapter 47: Applications Including: Security, Medicine, Robotic, GIS, Remote Sensing, Industrial Inspection, Nondestructive Evaluation (or NDE), ...

Chapter 48: Case studies and Emerging technologies

Om forfatteren

Leonidas Deligiannidis is a Professor of Computer Science and Networking at Wentworth Institute of Technology in Boston. His research examines Image Processing, Network Security and Information Visualization. Deligiannidis earned his PhD in Computer Science at Tufts University. Hamid R. Arabnia is currently a Full Professor of Computer Science at University of Georgia where he has been since October 1987. His research interests include Parallel and distributed processing techniques and algorithms, interconnection networks, and applications in Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (in particular, in image processing, medical imaging, bioinformatics, and other computational intensive problems). Dr. Arabnia is Editor-in-Chief of The Journal of is Associate Editor of IEEE Transactions on Information Technology in Biomedicine . He has over 300 publications (journals, proceedings, editorship) in his area of research in addition he has edited two titles Emerging Trends in ICT Security (Elsevier 2013), and Advances in Computational Biology (Springer 2012).