Health Informatics and Medical Systems

Hamid R. Arabnia (Redaktør) ; Leonidas Deligiannidis (Redaktør) ; Michael B. O'Hara (Redaktør)

This volume contains the proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical Systems (HIMS'17). Les mer
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This volume contains the proceedings of the 2017 International Conference on Health Informatics and Medical Systems (HIMS'17).



Medical Systems, Devices and Services + Monitoring Systems + Tools for Rehabilitation
Integration of Haptic Rendering with Eye-Gaze Tracking using a Multi-Platform GUI
A Treatment Adherence Mobile Application Designed Specifically for Patients after Open-Heart Surgery
HFinder: Anti-Emergency Medical Service Late Response Time System
Counting Multiple People on a Floor Based Array Sensor System
Human Movements Monitoring Using Smartphone Sensors
Open System for Monitoring Vital Signs of Babies to Help in the Prevention and Diagnosis of Sudden Death
Smartphones Application in Ophthalmology - Keratoconus Detection
IoT Support for Dementia Patients
Undergraduate Experience Developing a Medication Reminder App
Digital Filter Array Optimization for Directivity Pattern
Health Informatics, Healthcare and Public Health Related Systems
An HL7 v2 Platform for Standards Development and Testing
Infrastructure for Health Care Simulation: Recommendations from the Model for Telecare Alarm Services Project
Examining Locking Down of Electronic Medical Records
Targeted Data Swapping and K-Means Clustering for Healthcare Data Privacy and Usability
A Study on the Regulatory Oversight of Direct-to-consumer Genetic Testing in USA
Mobile Rescue Management for Medical Emergencies: Introducing a Novel Application Framework
What do College Undergraduates Know about Zika and What Precautions Are They Willing to Take to Prevent its Spread?
TB Portals Program Image Analysis: Can chest X-ray similarity identify drug resistant Tuberculosis patients?
Tools for Decision Making and Diagnostics
Prediction with Multiple, Multi-class Models and Dempster-Shafer Theory
E-HandicapScale : An Open and Secure Way to Promote and Improve Diagnostics of Disabled Patients
Machine Learning for Autism Diagnostics: Applying Support Vector Classification
Predicting Cardiovascular Events: Sensitivity and Specificity
Prediction of Dengue Cases in Paraguay using Artificial Neural Networks
Visualizing Healthcare Fraud Detection - Doctor Patient Network - Demo
Visualizing the Effectiveness of Behavior Change in Combatting Fraudulent Healthcare Claims - Demo
Intra-body Communication Using Ultrasonic Wave Propagation
Detection of Epileptic Seizure Channel from EEG Signal
Physical Fitness Assessment by Using Heart Rate and Physical Activity Sensor
Late Papers - Health Informatics and Medical Systems
3D Heart Reconstruction using Thoracic Computer Tomography for Computational Holography Applications
Creating an Ontology for Family Diseases Prognosis
The Data Donation Pass: Enabling Sovereign Control of Personal Healthcare Data
The Use and Adoption of HIS and EMR in Botswana

Om forfatteren

Hamid R. Arabnia is Professor, Computer Science; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer); Elected Fellow, Int'l Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine (ISIBM); The University of Georgia, Department of Computer Science.