Peace Not Terror - Mary Susannah Robbins

Peace Not Terror

Leaders of the Antiwar Movement Speak Out Against U.S. Foreign Policy Post 9/11

Mary Susannah Robbins (Redaktør) ; Staughton Lynd (Innledning) ; Michael Ferber (Innledning) ; William Sloane Coffin (Innledning) ; David Cortright (Innledning) ; Dave Dellinger (Innledning) ; H. Bruce Franklin (Innledning) ; Howard Zinn (Innledning) ; David Potorti (Innledning) ; Noam Chomsky (Innledning) ; Charles Sheehan-Miles (Innledning) ; JoAnn Wypijewski (Innledning) ; Iraqi Girl (Innledning) ; Kevin Alexander Gray (Innledning) ; David Harris (Innledning) ; Tod Ensign (Innledning) ; Garret Reppenhagen (Innledning) ; Michael Uhl (Innledning) ; Jane Collins (Innledning) ; Mansour Farhang (Innledning) ; Jeff Jones (Innledning)

Peace Not Terror includes essays by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Dave Dellinger, Staughton Lynd, William Sloane Coffin, H. Bruce Franklin, David Cortright, David Harris, and others, including veterans of the Gulf War and the Iraq War. Les mer
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Peace Not Terror includes essays by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Dave Dellinger, Staughton Lynd, William Sloane Coffin, H. Bruce Franklin, David Cortright, David Harris, and others, including veterans of the Gulf War and the Iraq War. Many of these writers contributed to her earlier book, Against the Vietnam War: Writings By Activists (Rowman & Littlefield, 2007). The argument of the book is that a peaceful solution to the problems caused by the attacks of September 11, 2007 can be found. The hope is that there are so many people who are willing to contribute to a book such as this one, and who are doing such wonderful work. They span the generations. The peace demonstrations all over the world before the war against Iraq testify to people's wishes, people's feelings. This is the hope for the future.
Forlag: Lexington Books
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780739124963
Format: 24 x 16 cm

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«We veterans know that this war is not being sanitized on the nightly news. It has nothing to do with ther liberation of the people of Iraq; instead it has everything to do with the subjugation and domination of these people in the name of U.S. imperial economic and strategic interests.»

«This remarkable and indispensable book against U.S. militarism includes essays by Noam Chomsky, Howard Zinn, Staughton Lynd, Dave Dellinger, and many others, including Iraq War veterans. These invaluable members of the peace movement show in their writings—and by their own personal stories—the way out of the cycle of violence that the U.S. military response to the events of 9/11 has created. From William Sloane Coffin's sermon on love delivered the Sunday after 9/11, to Jeff Jones, former Weatherman and now environmental actvist, who writes of the need to eliminate our oil consumption to prevent both global warming and war in the Middle East, these essays form a moving and inspiring guide to peace on this earth.»

«In Peace Not Terror, Mary Susannah Robbins performs an important public service. By editing and publishing this collection of essays, Robbins not only brings together the voices of the antiwar movement in one user-friendly volume, but she reminds us of the movement's startling scale and diversity. In this book we hear from scholars and statesmen, victims and veterans. Most of all, we hear from patriots—people who know that preemptive war, the backdoor draft, torture, indefinite detention, and extraordinary rendition are un-American. Every citizen should read this book.»

«Peace Not Terror captures the voices of today's leading thinkers and activists in the U.S. peace movement. The collection of essays is as varied and powerful as the reasons why it is imperative to do away with our culture of militarism in order to embrace peace. This book will affirm and strengthen the position of the antiwar reader, and will challenge those who still believe in war as a viable means to attain peace. It is a brilliant book, and an absolute must read.»

«Mary Susannah Robbins's powerful book is the answer to those who ask what happened to the antiwar movement. The voices of that movement, past and present, speak passionately in the pages of Peace Not Terror, moving the reader to pay attention, to act and to speak out. It is essential reading in these dark and dangerous days, for it insists not only on the possibility but the necessity of protest.»

Chapter 2 Permissions to Reprint Chapter 3 About the Editor Chapter 4 Dedication Chapter 5 Table of Contents Chapter 6 Acknowledgments Chapter 7 Contributor Notes Chapter 8 Preface Chapter 9 Introduction Chapter 10 1 Memorial for Dave Dellinger and William Sloane Coffin Chapter 11 2 God Bless America Chapter 12 3 The Right Fight Chapter 13 4 Talk for the New Jersey Green Party Convention Chapter 14 5 Teaching 'Vietnam' as Matrix for the 'War on Terror' Chapter 15 6 Palestine in the World Crisis Chapter 16 7 What War Looks Like Chapter 17 8 Can I Get a Witness? Chapter 18 9 Wars of Terror Chapter 19 10 How It Feels to Kill Chapter 20 11 Labor in a Time of War Chapter 21 12 The Bombing of Tikrit Chapter 22 13 Out of Iraq—By Any Means Necessary Chapter 23 14 From a Political Action Group's Blog Chapter 24 15 Who Serves? Chapter 25 16 Honorable Service Chapter 26 17 Amicus Brief Supporting Sgt. Kevin Benderman Chapter 27 18 The Chosen: Some Notes on Being a Veteran in America Chapter 28 19 The War at Home: Activist Military Families Chapter 29 20 Iraq Veterans Against the War: Testimony on War Crimes Chapter 30 21 Iran's Nuclear Dispute Chapter 31 22 War and Warming
Mary Susannah Robbins has taught English literature at Vassar College and runs her own editorial services company in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her poems, stories, and prints have appeared in various magazines including Ploughshares and Confrontation, and she is the editor of the book Against the Vietnam War: Writings by Activists Revised Edition.