Last Overland - Alex Bescoby

Last Overland

Singapore to London: The Return Journey of the Iconic Land Rover Expedition (with a foreword by Tim Slessor)

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Forlag: Michael O'Mara Books Ltd
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 304
ISBN: 9781789294637
Format: 23 x 15 cm
Edward Stanford Travel Writing Awards 2023

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«A fantastic piece of travel writing set to become a classic of the genre. The Last Overland is an epic overland journey, epitomising the spirit of the great modern adventure.»

«Alex Bescoby weaves travel, adventure, history and the contemporary together like no one else. His great gift is to take us on a journey through past and present. By its end we have learned more about the world and ourselves»

«The First Overland was an amazing journey, underlining the fact that adventure is always out there for anybody who seeks it. This epic recreation of that trip shows us that whether you’re the first or the thousandth, the view from the mountaintop is just as incredible. I know that Alex’s Last Overland expedition will inspire other intrepid explorers to ensure that this is definitely not the last – there is always more to see and explore»

«‘This is a fabulous adventure – reckless, insanely ambitious and filled with sweat, tears and laughter ... irresistible reading. An immense challenge and a thrilling true story.’»

«A proper adventure story – a journey halfway around the world with all the scrapes, hiccups, wonderment and exhilaration to be expected from an epic journey in an old Land Rover with a leaky roof. Told with an infectious enthusiasm, passion and compelling verve, this is the story of an overland journey that says much about our ongoing relationship with the planet on which we live, but also the passage of time and an undimmed thirst for adventure.»

«Told with verve, passion, and above all a huge amount of fun, this is the real thing ... Bescoby is a terrific travelling companion, full of insight, sharp observation and enviable sangfroid.»

«Elegant, wry, indomitable, self-deprecating – a splendid, sparkling addition to expeditions and to travel writing.»

«Not content to just pay homage to a legendary journey, Alex Bescoby must drive the very Land Rover, complete with GIN and TONIC Jerry cans, that made the trip in 1955. Spoiler alert: nothing goes to plan. The Last Overland is steered by an indomitable spirit through time, friendships, obsession, doubt and perpetual motion. A book not only for adventurous hearts who want to seize life, but for those who want to interrogate what it is to be human.»

«The epitome of an epic expedition. This story speaks to the spirit of adventure. That innately curious part of the human condition that seeks to push boundaries and endure.»

Country & Town House magazine

«Alex Bescoby recreates a journey originally documented in the mid-1950s, bookending one of the great overland adventures of the last century in buccaneering fashion.»


«A poignant meditation on age, health and acknowledging the heroes of the past»