Glucose Revolution - Jessie Inchauspe

Glucose Revolution

The life-changing power of balancing your blood sugar

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Forlag: Short Books Ltd
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 320
ISBN: 9781780725239
Format: 21 x 13 cm

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«'Glucose Revolution will help you feel better, cut cravings, connect with yourself, balance your hormones, live longer, teach you science and put a smile on your face along the way. This book is one of my references - don't wait to read it.'»

, It’s not a Diet

«'Jessie (a.k.a. the Glucose Goddess) takes you on a fun and informative journey to understand how food affects your sugar spikes and your health. This practical guide is full of wonderful tips and hacks on how and what to eat; a must for anyone who wants to understand their body and improve their health.'»

, The Diet Myth and Spoon Fed

«'Jessie Inchauspé, a born communicator, has written the best practical guide to managing glucose to maximize health and longevity.'»

, Lifespan

«A startling discovery about the essential role of blood sugar in every aspect of our lives, from cravings to fertility, and the surprising hacks to optimising it while still eating the foods we love.»

Dr Mark Hyman, New York Times bestselling author

«'This breakthrough book is a savvy, one-stop shop to sustainable weight loss and better health.'»

, The Big Fat Surprise

«'Being a goddess is harder than it looks. But it turns out being a Glucose Goddess is easy. Jessie Inchauspé takes the new science of nutrition and makes it practical for everyone.'»

, Fat Chance and Metabolical

«'As a metabolic scientist, I'm concerned with two things: insulin and glucose. With a mix of personal experience and published evidence, Jessie has woven these two ideas together in a fascinating and satisfying memoir. Reading and applying the principles outlined in Glucose Revolution can help anyone achieve divine levels of health.'»

, 'Why We Get Sick