Transnational Family - 
      Deborah Bryceson
      Ulla Vuorela

Transnational Family

New European Frontiers and Global Networks

Deborah Bryceson (Redaktør) ; Ulla Vuorela (Redaktør)

«'This book... contains a multidimensionality that one can only provide a flavour of in a short review. It is an engaging addition to the literature of migration.'Immigration, Asylum and Nationality Law»

Also available in hardback, 9781859736760 GBP50.00 (November, 2002) Les mer
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Also available in hardback, 9781859736760 GBP50.00 (November, 2002)
Forlag: Berg Publishers
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 288
ISBN: 9781859736814
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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Contributors, Acknowledgements, Part I: Introduction, 1. Transnational Families in the Twenty-first Century, 2. Europe's Transnational Families and Migration: Past and Present, Part II: Families Straddling National Boundaries and Cultures, 3. Transnational Families: Imagined and Real Communities, 4. Loss of Status or New Opportunities? Gender Relations and Transnational Ties among Bosnian Refugees, 5. Deceitful Origins and Tenacious Roots: Moroccan Immigration and New Trends in Dutch Literature, Part III: Life-Cycle Uncertainties, 6. Reconceptualizing Motherhood: Experiences of Migrant Women from Turkey Living in Germany, 7. Righteous or Rebellious? Social Trajectory of Sahelian Youth in France, 8. Breaking the Generational Contract? Japanese Migration and Old-age Care in Britain, Part IV: Transnational Family Consolidation through Religion, 9. Religion, Reciprocity and Restructuring Family Responsibility in the Ghanaian Pentecostal Diaspora, 10. Religion, Migration and Wealth Creation in the Swaminarayan Movement, Part V: Economic and Political Networking, 11. Hybridization of Religious and Political Practices amongst West African Muslim Migrants in Paris, 12. North of South: European Immigrants' Stakeholdings in Southern Development, 13. Senegal's Village Diaspora and the People Left, Epilogue, Index
Deborah Bryceson Senior Research Fellow,African Studies Centre, Leiden Ulla Vuorela Professor of Anthropology and Women's Studies, University of Tampere