Preventable - Devi Sridhar


How a Pandemic Changed the World & How to Stop the Next One

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«The sensational story of how a disaster was turned into a catastrophe, with the clarity, precision and humanity that you would expect from one of the most important voices of reason of the COVID era. A brutally compelling reminder that if voices like Devi's had been listened to, so many more could have lived»

«Excellent . . . Fair, clear and compelling. And like all of Devi's contributions over the course of the pandemic, very accessible»

«One of the most brilliant scientists in the world who has been proven consistently right in this crisis»

«Powerful . . . If we're to stop history from repeating itself when the next pandemic pathogen emerges, books such as Preventable are very much welcome»

, Financial Times

«Contributions such as Devi's will be the building blocks of the learning we need, as a global community, to create the awareness required for the healthier and safer world all people deserve»

«Essential reading»

«Devi is a public health expert with deep knowledge and expertise in the field. She has a unique ability to translate complex public health challenges, research and recommendations into language experts and non-experts alike can understand. I always read and listen to what she has to say and I hope you will too»

«Brilliant. I read it like a thriller that I had lived through, a fascinating, detailed and personal account of the pandemic that takes you behind and beyond the headlines. I suspect it will be the most readable account of all the analyses that will follow»

«Sridhar's prescience transformed her into one of Britain's most prominent commentators once . . . In her new book, Preventable, Sridhar distils the lessons of the time»

, New Statesman

«Those who have found Professor Devi Sridhar's expertise and calm advice invaluable since the arrival of Covid-19 will be glad to know that she has written Preventable»

, Guardian, 'Nonfiction to look out for in 2022'

«Devi Sridhar, professor of global public health at Edinburgh university, examines how the pandemic changed the world and how we might stop the next one happening»

Financial Times, 'The books to read in 2022'