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Winner of the 2023 Pulitzer Prize for Fiction

«Trust proves that Diaz is a writer of singular talent. This book is a kaleidoscopic dazzler that works as both an engrossing literary mystery and a capitalistic takedown for the ages. Don't miss it.»

Chicago Review of Books
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20 x 13 cm
The Booker Prize 2022


«Trust proves that Diaz is a writer of singular talent. This book is a kaleidoscopic dazzler that works as both an engrossing literary mystery and a capitalistic takedown for the ages. Don't miss it.»

Chicago Review of Books

«Diaz cleverly weaves the disparate strands together while showing how our shifting perception of the story relates to wealth’s ability to “bend and align reality” to its own motives»

New Yorker

«Gripping . . . Trust is about the bigger lies we tell about capitalism and individual ability, about our society and ourselves, and about the price we are willing to pay to maintain such illusions»


«In this glorious puzzle of a novel, perspectives keep shifting and the wealth of one early-twentieth-century family keeps changing its origin-story. What a joy this is to read, suspenseful at every turn, the work of a rare and impressive talent.»

Joan Silber, author of<i> Secrets of Happiness</i>

«The audacity and scope of Hernan Diaz’s extraordinary novel - a prism, a mystery, a revelation - are brilliantly matched by the quality of his prose.»

<span>Jean Strouse, author of <i>Morgan: American Financier</i></span>

«This masterpiece of a book-within-a-book explores how public perception and reality can get twisted»

Good Housekeeping

«Wondrous . . . a kaleidoscope of capitalism run amok in the early 20th century, which also manages to deliver a biography of its irascible antihero and the many lives he disfigures during his rise to the cream of the city’s crop. Grounded in history and formally ambitious, this succeeds on all fronts»

Publishers Weekly

«Diaz has organized his nesting-doll novel so ingeniously that the tricks merely thrum in the background as the intricate plot unfolds, following a tycoon couple forward to a novel about their “history,” then back and forth through diaries, recriminations and reversals. The result shouldn’t be missed.»

LA Times

«Engrossing . . . Diaz's ingenious new fiction, told in four overlapping parts, challenges conventional story lines of another favorite American theme: capitalism and the accumulation of vast wealth.»

Star Tribune

«A dazzling novel about wealth, capitalism and who exactly gets to tell the story

The Bookseller

«Ingenious, thrilling . . . the novel brilliantly weaves its multiple perspectives to create a symphony of emotional effects . . . A clever and affecting high-concept novel»

Kirkus, starred review

«A uniquely layered novel . . . Each page peels back another mystery, making for an utterly riveting read»


«A novel that unpeels like an onion, upending the story you first hear. The Pulitzer Prize-finalist explores wealth, power, the dynamics of American capitalism, and the nature of truth in an inventive way that stacks up to one engaging, beautiful whole»

Daily Beast

«Trust makes a surprisingly un-postmodern case for what the novel can do»

The New Yorker

«This is now part of my collection of books that I must read more than once. Hernan Diaz keeps the reader engaged by playfully architecting individual and collective narratives of power, love and the meaning of financial success.»

Dan Houston, Chairman, president and CEO, Principal Financial Group, <i>Bloomberg, Top Business Lead

«Brilliant . . . Destined to be known as one of the great puzzle-box novels, it’s the cleverest of conceits, wrapped up in a page-turner»


«Fascinating . . . Diaz could master any genre and Trust is metafiction at its best, unpredictable, clever and massively enjoyable»

Sunday Times

«Genius . . . You’re propelled forward by the twists and turns of the novel’s form, the conviction that Diaz has another trick up his sleeve»


«Diaz is a narrative genius whose work easily encompasses both a grand scope and the crisp and whiplike line. Trust builds its world and characters with subtle aplomb. What a radiant, profound and moving novel»

Lauren Groff, author of <i>Fates and Furies</i>

«Sharp and affecting . . . In this literary Rubik’s Cube, Diaz provides a viable, and hugely entertaining, argument that once a pen is put to paper an element of veracity is always lost. And when money is thrown into the mix, then the lies really multiply»

Financial Times

«A tricksy, tantalising delight . . . Enthralling — delicate, detailed and deliciously stealthy»

Daily Mail

«Intricate, cunning and consistently surprising . . . Diaz has the whole literary past at his fingertips . . . [an] exhilarating and intelligent novel»

New York Times Book Review

«A sublime, richly layered novel. A story within a story within a story.»

Roxane Gay, author of <i>Bad Feminist</i>

«Engrossing . . . Diaz perfects different voices with remarkable agility»

The Herald

«Exquisite . . . A clever, literary kaleidoscope that constantly challenges the realities it puts forward, requiring you to step back, and look again»


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