Promoting Health - 
      Lee Adams
      Mary Amos
      James Munro

Promoting Health

Politics and Practice

Lee Adams (Redaktør) ; Mary Amos (Redaktør) ; James Munro (Redaktør)

«′A very interesting melange of descriptive material - in the form of case studies - and more analytical and conceptual pieces covering the broad span of the health and well-being agenda′ -<b><i> Health Matters</i></b>»

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Promoting Health
Forlag: SAGE Publications Inc
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 224
ISBN: 9780761968344
Format: 24 x 17 cm

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Foreword - Polly Toynbee
Introduction - Lee Adams, Mary Amos and James Munro
The Cycle of Conflict - Charles Webster and Jeff French
The History of the Public Health and Health Promotion Movement
Practising Health for all in the UK - Maddy Halliday
Building a UK Public Health Movement - Geof Rayner
A Phoenix from the Ashes?
Promoting Social and Community Development in Sheffield - Lee Adams and Frances Cunning
A Reflection of Ten Year's Work
Sustainable Development and Health - Charles Secrett and Simon Bullock
National and International Policy Perspectives - Martin Caraher
Local Communities and Sustainable Regeneration in the East End of Sheffield - Sue Grieg and Neil Parry
Environmental Justice - Eurig Scandrett
Community Development - Mary Amos
Theory, Opportunity, Serendipity - Martine Standish
Community Development in Sheffield
User Movements, Community Development and Health Promotion - Marian Barnes
Community Development and Health Work in Northern Ireland - Ruth Sutherland
Context, History and Development
Social Exclusion, Discrimination and the Promotion of Health - Maria Duggan
Anti-Poverty Strategies - Pete Alcock
Disability and Public Health - Lorraine Gradwell
Women and Public Health - Sue Laughlin
Regeneration and Health - Hilary Russell
The Wakefield Health Action Zone - Lee Adams
A Case Study in Area-Focused Working
Opportunities for Improving Health Through Regeneration - Deb Hankins and Melissa Stead
Health and Local Food Initiatives - James Petts
Public Services and Health - Dexter Whitfield and James Munro
Education for Systems Change - Alan Beattie
A Key Resource for Radical Action on Health
Public Services, Public Health and Health Promotion - Fiona Campbell
The Role of Local Authorities
Citizens' Advice Bureaux in Primary Care - Judith Emanuel
A Tool for Staff to Address Social and Economic Inequalities