Lynnwood - Thomas Brown


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Finalist in the People's Book Prize
Forlag: Sparkling Books Ltd
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 188
ISBN: 9781907230387
Format: 20 x 13 cm
Short-listed for People's Book Prize 2014 UK.

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'A dark horror story set in a picturesque village. I would recommend this to fans of classic English horror as well as fans of Stephen King.' - Lucy O'Connor, Waterstones
"A quintessentially British folk horror chiller, with an escalating power of dread that is rendered deftly. A new voice in British horror, that you'll want to read, has entered the field." - Adam Nevill
"The plot line is new and exciting ... I was surprised more than once at what was happening. If you are looking for a good book, definitely pick up this one." - Alison Mudge, Librarian, USA
" A dark journey not only of the mind, but of the soul. Mr. Brown's extraordinary talent is evident as he paints a virtual feast for the reader with eloquently chosen prose in this powerfully engaging novel." - Nina D'Arcangela
"An exciting, on the edge of your seat gothic that will have readers begging for more." - Rosemary Smith, Librarian
Philip Hoare
"This book was great! I loved the author's writing style - the words flowed perfectly. Reading this was less like reading a book and more like watching the movie in my mind's eye. Fantastic!" - Laura Smith, Goodreads Reviewer.


Thomas Brown has spent the best part of his life reading and studying fiction of all kinds, but his heart beats for Horror and Fantasy.
In 2010, he won the University of Southampton's Flash Fiction Competition for his short story, 'Crowman'. In 2014, he won the Almond Press Short Story Competition, 'Broken Worlds'. In the same year, his first novel, LYNNWOOD, was a finalist for The People's Book Prize. In 2018, he completed a doctoral degree at the University of Southampton examining the limitations of language and how to navigate them to better communicate meaning through fiction.
He lives and works in a small market town bordering the Cotswolds, where he still writes every day.