Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective - Caroline B. Brettell

Gender in Cross-Cultural Perspective

Caroline B. Brettell (Redaktør) ; Carolyn F. Sargent (Redaktør)

This carefully crafted volume introduces anthropological approaches to and perspectives on gender. It combines theoretically and ethnographically based essays in order to examine gender roles and ideology around the world. Les mer
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This carefully crafted volume introduces anthropological approaches to and perspectives on gender. It combines theoretically and ethnographically based essays in order to examine gender roles and ideology around the world. Divided thematically into 11 sections, the editors open each section with a succinct introduction to the principal issues. The articles themselves, both classic and contemporary, are drawn from all fields of anthropology and cover a wide variety of cultures. The seventh edition contains 11 new entries that reflect more recent developments in the discipline, including topics such as gender identity, transnationalism and female genital cutting. Additional features to support teaching and learning that are new to this edition include a film list and discussion questions at the end of each entry. This is an essential resource for students encountering the anthropology of gender for the first time.
Forlag: Routledge
Innbinding: Paperback
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 720
ISBN: 9781138216648
Utgave: 7. utg.
Format: 25 x 17 cm

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I. Biology, Gender, and Human Evolution

Introduction by the editors

Animal Models and Gender
Marlene Zuk

Lifeboat Ethics: Mother Love and Child Death in Northeast Brazil
Nancy Scheper-Hughes

The Cultural Nexus of Aka Father-Infant Bonding
Barry S. Hewlett

Difference Matters: Embodiment and Discourse on Difference in an Urban Public High School
Anita Chikkatur

II. Gender and Prehistory

Introduction by the editors

The Past Is a Foreign Country: Archaeology of Sex and Gender 55
Rosemary A. Joyce

The Fashioning of Women
J. M. Adovasio, Olga Soffer, and Jake Page

Inca Gender Relations, from Household to Empire
R. Alan Covey

III. Domestic Worlds and Public Worlds

Introduction by the editors

The Domestic Sphere of Women and the Public World of Men: The Strengths and Limitations of an Anthropological Dichotomy
Louise Lamphere

From "Private" Affairs to "Public" Scandals: The Modern Woman's Challenge to Husband's Infidelities in Uganda
Shanti Parikh

Downsizing Masculinity: Gender, Family and Fatherhood in Post-Industrial America
Chad Broughton and Tom Walton

Marriage, Modernity, and Migration: Changing Dynamics of Intimacy in a Mexican Transnational Community
Jennifer S. Hirsch

IV. Equality and Inequality: The Sexual Division of Labor and Gender Stratification

Introduction by the editors

Woman the Hunter: The Agta
Agnes Estioko-Griffin and P. Bion Griffin

Gender, Horticulture, and the Division of Labor on Vanatinai
Maria Lepowsky

Ethnographic Empathy and the Social Context of Rights: "Rescuing" Maasai Girls from Early Marriage
Caroline S. Archambault

Gender, Business, and Space Control: Yoruba Market Women and Power
Toyin Falola

V. The Cultural Construction of Gender and Personhood

Introduction by the editors

My Encounter with Machismo in Spain
David D. Gilmore

Rituals of Manhood: Male Initiation in Papua New Guinea
Gilbert H. Herdt

Surgical Transformations in the Pursuit of Gender
Lauren E. Gulbas

"Now I Gotta Watch What I Say": Shifting Constructions of Masculinity in Discourse
Scott Fabius Kiesling

One of the Guys: Military Women Paradoxical Individuality and the Transformation of the Argentine Army
Maximo Badaro

VI. Gender, Sexuality, and the Body

Introduction by the editors

Is There a Muslim Sexuality? Changing Constructions of Sexuality in Egyptian Bedouin Weddings
Lila Abu-Lughod

From Pollution to Love Magic: The New Anthropology of Menstruation
Alma Gottlieb

Hijras: An "Alternative" Sex/Gender in India
Gayatri Reddy and Serena Nanda

VII. Gender and the State

Introduction by the editors

Japanese Mothers and Obento-s: The Lunch-Box as Ideological State Apparatus
Anne Allison

"Single Women Are Bitter": The Gendered Production of Affective States in Chile
Nia C. Parson

Women's Autonomy, Islam, and the French State
John R. Bowen

The "Unique Blend": Reframing Womanhood through Turkish Drama Series
Funda UEstek and Oguz Alyanak

Female Genital Cutting: Moving Forward on Abolition?
Ellen Gruenbaum

VIII. Gender, Household, and Kinship

Introduction by the editors

What to do with Unmarried Daughters? Modern Solutions to a Traditional Dilemma in a Polyandrous Tibetan Society
Geoff Childs, Melvyn C. Goldstein, and Puchung Wangdui

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: The Labyrinth of Working and Parenting in a Poor Community
Sharon Hicks-Bartlett

Rethinking Caribbean Families: Extending the Links
Mary Chamberlain

Resignation and Refusal: The Moral Calculus of Lesbian and Gay Parenthood in the US
Ellen Lewin

IX. Gender, Ritual, and Religion

Introduction by the editors

Possessing Spirits and Healing Gods: Resolving Women's Suffering in a Hindu Temple
Anubha Sood

"Tradition" and Threat: Women's Obscenity in Giriama Funerary Rituals
Janet McIntosh

Shamans, Bodies, and Sex: Misreading a Korean Ritual
Laurel Kendall

How to Change a Man: Spiritual Transformation and Shifts in Gender Ideology in Evangelical El Salvador
Jose Leonardo Santos

X. Gender, Politics, and Reproduction

Introduction by the editors

Natural Birth at the Turn of the Twenty-First Century: Implications for Gender
Margaret MacDonald

Political Demography: The Banning of Abortion in Ceausescu's Romania
Gail Kligman

Surrogate Motherhood: Rethinking Biological Models, Kinship, and Family
Helena Ragone

Making Room for Daddy: Fathers and Breastfeeding in the United States
Sarah Sobonya

XI. Gender and the Global Economy

Introduction by the editors

Little Princesses and Tiny Barons: Gender, Microfinance, and Parental Priorities in Urban Ecuador
Megan Bond Hinrichsen

Factory as Home and Family: Female Workers in the Moroccan Garment Industry
M. Laetitia Cairoli

Sexuality and Discipline among Filipina Domestic Workers in Hong Kong
Nicole Constable

Genders and Spenders: Masculinity and Money I Ecuadorian Transmigration
Jason Pribilsky

Sex Tourism, Globalization, and Transnational Imaginings
Denise Brennan

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Caroline B. Brettell is The Ruth Collins Altshuler Endowed Professor and Director of the Dedman College Interdisciplinary Institute at Southern Methodist University, USA.

Carolyn F. Sargent is Professor of Sociocultural Anthropology and Professor of Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies at Washington University in St. Louis, USA.