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Essex Dogs

«The historical detail is totally authentic... Essex Dogs shows the total brutalilty of medieval warfare, but also the camaraderie of a troop of men who fight for each other and for England»

Bishop's Stortford Independent
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Head of Zeus -- an Aries Book
23 x 15 cm


«The historical detail is totally authentic... Essex Dogs shows the total brutalilty of medieval warfare, but also the camaraderie of a troop of men who fight for each other and for England»

Bishop's Stortford Independent

«Visceral and powerful, the reality of medieval warfare leaping from every page, it's gripping storytelling at its best... With a cast of unforgettable characters, this is historian Dan Jones's first foray into fiction and it's terrific»


«With its unflinching emphasis on the blood and guts of 14th-century battle, Jones's debut is not for the squeamish, but it's an enthralling, character-filled read»

Sunday Times

«Historian Dan Jones plunges the reader right into the medieval battlefield in this riotous retelling of the epic Hundred Years War between England and France»


«Packed with historical insight, bringing alive not only the war, but the lives of the common soldiers... I can hardly wait for the next instalment»

Historical Novel Society

«'Superb... The plot races along and there’s huge insight into a band of brothers. Humour, archery, violence – and a fundamental decency underpinning all the rest.'»

Conn Iggulden

«Rooted in historical accuracy, and told through an earthy cast of archers, men-at-arms and misfits, Essex Dogs delivers the stark reality of medieval war in the round – and shines a light on ordinary people caught in the storm.»

Mortimer Historical Society

«'Vivid characterizations and a strain of black humor add to the pointed drama... Brutal, graphic, and gory, the battle scenes viscerally hurl the reader into the heat of 14th-century combat. It’s good to know these Dogs will howl again.'»

Publishers Weekly *starred review*

«Historian Dan Jones knows his stuff. You'll smell the sour wine and grin at the soldiers' rude humour... This razor-sharp motley crew... leap off the page and charge straight at you»

The Sun

«The Hundred Years' War with an amazingly contemporary feel... A cracking read»

Richard Madeley, The Spectator

«Fascinating. Brutal. Real... Impossible to put down»

Simon Turney

«Battle-bloody, brutal and perfectly pitched... Jones captures the fear and frenzy of the fight and the loyalty and kinship of the Dogs in this slaughterous, sweary, swaggering debut»

Daily Mail

«Few books manage to be as compelling on every level as Essex Dogs: it's adventure, history, and heart»

Dana Schwartz

«The battles that shaped Europe from the point of view of the soldiers... Searing»

Kate Williams

«A busy, urgent little masterpiece»

Graham Hurley

«War. Looting. Junkies. Pintle-tugging. The English abroad. Dan Jones takes you to the year of Our Lord 1346»

Tibor Fischer

«Essex Dogs is the first in a planned trilogy by the bestselling medieval historian Dan Jones. His mastery of his subject matter is obvious. The soldiers' lives are rather brilliantly recreated – the kit, the fighting, the boredom and discomfort. Jones is excellent on the battles, too, focusing on the violence and the panic»

The Times

«[Essex Dogs] is the first instalment of what promises to be an epic trilogy»

History Revealed Magazine

«Horribly compelling... Only Dan Jones can carry you through blood, piss and vomit and leave you wanting more»

Daisy Dunn

«'On the whole a violent and bloody affair . . . [Reconceives] medieval military history as a swashbuckling Hollywood movie.'»

New York Times Book Review

«'An impeccably researched "you are there" novel with a real-time approach, Jones’ entertaining fiction debut moves episodically from encounter to life-threatening encounter... the book hums with black humor... An enjoyable romp through the darkest of ages.'»

Kirkus Reviews *starred review*

«'A high-stakes, immersive war story... Highly recommended for fans of Bernard Cornwell or Ken Follett.'»

Library Journal *starred review*

«With a cast of unforgettable characters, written with irrepressible verve and historical accuracy, Dan Jones delivers a compelling novel that thrums with swordswinging energy»

Simon Sebag Montefiore

«A new champion has entered the front line of historical fiction to stand shoulder to shoulder with Bernard Cornwell... A full-throated charge onto the mediaeval battlefield, a rip-roaring adventure full of blood and guts, camaraderie and inventive curses»

Jane Johnson

«Vital, earthy, and heart-stopping... So deft and funny that you'd never guess this is Dan Jones' debut work of fiction»

Suzannah Lipscomb

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