Oxford Handbook of Computational Linguistics

Ruslan Mitkov (Redaktør)

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Forlag: Oxford University Press
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9780199573691
Utgave: 2. utg.
Format: 25 x 18 cm

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«Review from previous edition 'A highly stimulating and impressive book which should be found in every library and every linguistics department. I strongly recommend it.'»

International Journal of Lexicography

«'An excellent reference book that provides a wealth of information and enables the experienced reader to enter quickly into new subject areas of computational linguistics and natural language processing. . . . The particular strengths of the OHCL are the comprehensive computation-oriented discussion of the fundamental linguistic issues and the broad coverage of NLP methods and resources.'»

Linguist List
List of abbreviations
The contributors
Part I. Linguistic Fundamentals
1: Steven Bird and Jeffrey Heinz: Phonology
2: Kemal Oflazer: Morphology
3: Patrick Hanks: Lexis
4: Ronald M. Kaplan: Syntax
5: David Beaver and Joey Frazee: Semantics
6: Massimo Poesio: Discourse
7: Christopher Potts: Pragmatics
8: Raquel Fernández: Dialogue
Part II. Computational Fundamentals: Methods and Resources
9: Leonor Becerra-Bonache, Gemma Bel-Enguix, M. Dolores Jiménez-López, and Carlos Martín-Vide: Mathematical Foundations, Formal Grammars and Languages
10: Mans Hulden: Finite-State Technology
11: Christer Samuelsson and Sanja Stajner: Statistical Methods: Fundamentals
12: Kenneth Church: Statistical Models for Natural Language Processing
13: Raymond J. Mooney: Machine Learning
14: Omer Levy: Word Representation
15: Kyunghyun Cho: Deep Learning
16: Rada Mihalcea and Samer Hassan: Similarity
17: Rebecca Passonneau and Inderjeet Mani: Evaluation
18: Richard I. Kittredge: Sublanguages and Controlled Languages
19: Patrick Hanks: Lexicography
20: Tony McEnery: Corpora
21: Eduard Hovy: Corpus Annotation
22: Roberto Navigli: Ontologies
Part III. Language Processing Tasks
23: Andrei Mikheev: Text Segmentation
24: Dan Tufis and Radu Ion: Part-of-Speech Tagging
25: John Carroll: Parsing
26: Martha Palmer, Sameer Pradhan, and Nianwen Xue: Semantic Role Labelling
27: Eneko Agirre and Mark Stevenson: Word Sense Disambiguation
28: Carlos Ramisch and Aline Villavicencio: Computational Treatment of Multiword Expressions
29: Sebastian Padó and Ido Dagan: Textual Entailment
30: Ruslan Mitkov: Anaphora Resolution
31: Inderjeet Mani: Temporal Processing
32: Michael Zock and John Bateman: Natural Language Generation
33: Lori Lamel and Jean-Luc Gauvain: Speech Recognition
34: Thierry Dutoit and Yannis Stylianou: Text-to-Speech Synthesis
Part IV. Natural Language Processing Applications
35: Lucia Specia and Yorick Wilks: Machine Translation
36: Lynne Bowker and Gloria Corpas Pastor: Translation Technology
37: Qiaozhu Mei and Dragomir Radev: Information Retrieval
38: Ralph Grishman: Information Extraction
39: John M. Prager: Question Answering
40: Eduard Hovy: Text Summarization
41: Ioannis Korkontzelos and Sophia Ananiadou: Term Extraction
42: Ricardo Baeza-Yates, Roi Blanco, and Malú Castellanos: Web Text Mining
43: Eric Breck and Claire Cardie: Opinion Mining and Sentiment Analysis
44: Robert Dale: Spoken Language Dialogue Systems
45: Elisabeth Andre and Jean-Claude Martin: Multimodal Systems
46: Jill Burstein, John Sabatini, and Jane Shore: Natural Language Processing for Educational Applications
47: Robert Dale: Automated Writing Assistance
48: Horacio Saggion: Text Simplification
49: Kevin B. Cohen: Natural Language Processing for Biomedical Texts
50: Michael P. Oakes: Author Profiling and Related Applications
51: Constantin Orasan and Ruslan Mitkov: Recent Natural Language Processing Applications