Scientific Computing

Hamid R. Arabnia (Redaktør) ; George A. Gravvanis (Redaktør) ; George Jandieri (Redaktør) ; Ashu M. G. Solo (Redaktør) ; Fernando G. Tinetti (Redaktør)

Includes topics such as: Simulation, Modeling, Visualization Methods, Computational Science. Les mer
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Includes topics such as: Simulation, Modeling, Visualization Methods, Computational Science.



Session: Simulation, Modeling, Visualization Methods and Related Issues
1) Comparison of Interval and Monte Carlo Simulation for Uncertainty Propagation in Atmospheric Dispersion Model
3) Periodic, Aperiodic, and Partly Periodic Clocks in Scientific Simulations
4) Application of Solidworks (R) & AMESim (R) based Updated Simulation Technique to Back-Flow Analysis of Trochoid Hydraulic Pump for Lubrication
Session: Computational Science, Systems, HPC and Applications
1) Nonlinear Free Vibration of Nanobeams Subjected to Magnetic Field Based on Nonlocal Elasticity Theory
2) Queuing Network Approximation Technique for Evaluating Performance of Computer Systems with Memory Resource used by Multiple job types
3) Particle-Wave Unification - An Object-Oriented Approach to Equilibrium-Based Computing
4) Parallel Algorithm for Symmetric Positive Definite Banded Linear Systems: A Divide and Conquer Approach
Session: Scientific Computing + Finite Element Methods + Ode + Kalman Filter
1) Finite Element Analysis of Five-Transmission Lines Embedded in Four-Layered Dielectric Media
2) Kalman Filter Based Safety Application
3) A Finite Difference-Extrapolation Method for Solving Ordinary Differential Equations
4) Quasi-TEM Analysis of Multilayer Coplanar Waveguide Broadside Coupled Lines Balun
Session: Novel Scientific and Engineering Algorithms and Applications
1) Numerical Stabilisation of the Lattice Boltzmann Method for Higher Reynolds Number Fluid
2) A New Algorithm for Multiple Key Linear Interpolation with the Formal Foundation
3) Application of Gain Scheduling Technique to a 6-Axis Articulated Robot sing LabVIEW
4) Fast and Slow MHD Waves in the Turbulent Plasma
5) Building Fuzzy Inference System in the Political Domain
6) DSP Filter Calculation for a Digital Doppler Velocity Flow Meter
Session: Short Research Papers
1) Testing of Cellular automata clustering algorithm for Forward EM Calorimeter
2) Automated Electoral System in a Developing Country Democracy
Session: Posters
Numerical Analyses of the Expansive Flow of a Thrust-Vectoring Nozzle
2) Graphical User Interface for Arm Strength Training Machine
3) H infinity Sampled-Data Control of LPV Systems with Time-varying Delay
4) A Dynamical System Approach to Compute the Evolution of Daily Commuting Traffics Interacted with Travel Time Information
Session: Late Breaking Papers and Position Papers: Scientific Computing
1) Parallel Scaling Performance and Higher-Order Methods
2) Unsolved Problems In Computational Science: I
3) Development of Fault Confirmation Module of Input Parameters in RLW Process by Using BPNN
4) Evolutionary Change in the Way of Information Access. Searching versus Browsing Information in ECM Systems

Om forfatteren

Hamid R. Arabnia is Professor, Computer Science; Editor-in-Chief, The Journal of Supercomputing (Springer); Elected Fellow, Int'l Society of Intelligent Biological Medicine (ISIBM); The University of Georgia, Department of Computer Science.