Advanced Introduction to Cybersecurity Law - David P. Fidler

Advanced Introduction to Cybersecurity Law

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Forlag: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
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Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781800883345
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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«‘David Fidler’s review of the contemporary complexities of cybersecurity law and its application comes at a critical time. He has hit the nail on the head in writing that “…governments extensively use policy and law in responding to cybersecurity threats” – while also underlining the limitations of both in today’s rapidly-evolving international system.’ BR>»

«‘True to its title, Advanced Introduction to Cybersecurity Law offers both an excellent entry point for readers unfamiliar with the domestic and international legal issues raised by a rising number of cybersecurity threats (and capacities) alongside a sophisticated survey of the extant geopolitical, ideological, and technical contexts that will benefit existing experts. With careful and concise assessments of the regime complexes that address cyber manifestations of four security threats – crime, terrorism, espionage, and armed conflict – Fidler’s work offers a clear-eyed view of present challenges alongside a critical analysis of the law’s capacity to redress them in the coming years.’»

Contents: Foreword PART I BACKGROUND FOR CYBERSECURITY LAW 1. Introduction: Cybersecurity and cybersecurity law 2. Cyberspace, security, and law PART II CYBERSECURITY AND NON-STATE ACTORS: CRIME AND TERRORISM IN CYBERSPACE 3. Cybercrime 4. Cyber terrorism PART III CYBERSECURITY AND STATE ACTORS: ESPIONAGE AND WAR IN CYBERSPACE 5. Cyber espionage 6. Cyber war 7. Conclusion: Cybersecurity law in a divided world Index
David P. Fidler, Senior Fellow for Cybersecurity and Global Health, Council on Foreign Relations, US