Data Governance in AI, FinTech and LegalTech - Joseph Lee

Data Governance in AI, FinTech and LegalTech

Law and Regulation in the Financial Sector

Joseph Lee (Redaktør) ; Aline Darbellay (Redaktør)

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Forlag: Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
ISBN: 9781800379947
Format: 23 x 16 cm

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«‘This original and timely book brings together leading legal scholars to examine the regulatory challenges created by the shift to data-driven, next-generation financial products and services. The concept of “data governance” is usefully developed to focus the discussion and emphasize the complex issues and diverse interests that need to be managed in navigating this important and fast-moving space.’»


Preface xii
1 Introduction: Data and its governance in the financial
services sector 1
Joseph Lee
2 Data utility and data governance in cryptocurrencies 6
Joseph Lee
3 The client data windfall nourishing the birth of legal technologies 34
David C. Donald
4 Data protection in the big data era: The broken informed
consent regime and the way forward 58
Yueh-Ping (Alex) Yang
5 Algorithm-driven information gatekeepers: Conflicts of
interest in the digital platform business models 78
Aline Darbellay
6 Property and data: A confused relationship 99
Joseph Lee and Marc Van de Looverbosch
7 Financial instruments: Transactions and consumer
protection in Japan 124
Antonios Karaiskos
8 Data governance by insurance companies in Singapore 144
Christopher Chen
9 Data governance in AI: Board duties and liability 168
Jan Lieder and Philipp Pordzik
10 Data production by market infrastructures and AI developments 190
Manuela Geranio
11 Cybersecurity certification and compliance in financial services 212
Radim Polčák
12 The European Union and the promotion of values in its
external relations – the case of data protection 237
Julia Schmidt
13 The digital transformation of the global green bonds
market: New-fashioned international standards for a new
generation of financial instruments 262
Georgios Pavlidis
14 Conclusion to Data Governance in AI, FinTech and
LegalTech: Law and Regulation in the Financial Sector 278
Aline Darbellay

Edited by Joseph Lee, Reader in Corporate and Financial law, University of Manchester, UK and Aline Darbellay, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law, University of Geneva, Switzerland