Muslim Problem - 
      Tawseef Khan

Muslim Problem

Why We're Wrong About Islam and Why It Matters

Why are Muslim men portrayed as inherently violent? Does the veil violate women's rights? Is Islam stopping Muslims from integrating?

Across western societies, Muslims are more misunderstood than any other minority. Les mer
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Why are Muslim men portrayed as inherently violent? Does the veil violate women's rights? Is Islam stopping Muslims from integrating?

Across western societies, Muslims are more misunderstood than any other minority. But what does it mean to believe in Islam today, to have forged your beliefs and identity in the shadow of 9/11 and the War on Terror? Exploding stereotypes from both inside and outside the faith, The Muslim Problem shows that while we may think we know all about Islam we are often wrong about even the most basic facts.

Bold and provocative, The Muslim Problem is both a wake-up call for non-believers and a passionate new framework for Muslims to navigate a world that is often set against them.
Forlag: Atlantic Books
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 288
ISBN: 9781786499516
Format: 22 x 14 cm

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«I can't recommend this sober, level-headed and highly readable book too highly. It painstakingly dismantles the poisonous myths about Muslims spread in the British media and on the far right. I read it at a sitting and learnt something new from every page.»

Peter Oborne, author and journalist

«A thoughtful, exploratory, candid, passionate and thoroughly modern book on migration, identity, individuality, integration and faith, reflecting on what it means to be a member of the religion we both belong to.»

The i

«This is a remarkable, insightful, searingly honest book on how British Muslims live and feel and think, and how one can be a happy and fulfilled Muslim in a world so frequently defined by Islamicist extremists and racists. For me, a progressive Muslim, it was like finding an oasis of intelligence and truths, of hope and possibilities.»

Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, author and journalist

«Meticulously researched and thought-provoking... an utterly convincing treatise on Muslim identity... Even readers who consider themselves sympathetic and well informed should find food for thought in the depth of analysis Khan offers... the book's defining characteristics are humanity and hope

Business Post

«Timely, urgent and eloquent. An honest and well-researched exploration of how biases, stereotypes and prejudices affect identity both from within and outside the Muslim community.»

Pragya Agarwal, author of Sway: Unravelling Unconscious Bias

«Powerful and disturbing. This deeply personal and forensically researched book exposes the stain of Islamophobia that has long festered in British society»

Chris Atkins, Sunday Times bestselling author of A Bit of a Stretch

«A vital exploration of Islamophobia. I learned so much from reading this book. Tawseef Khan has given us an insightful, intelligent and intimate discussion of issues we all need to grapple with.»

Jeffrey Boakye, author of Black, Listed

«A bracing and brilliant book. From women's rights to terrorism, The Muslim Problem takes apart misconceptions and shows what it's really like to be a Muslim today. By placing Islamophobia in a historical context, Khan gives powerful insights into one of the most hotly-contested and topical issues of our times.»

Reza Aslan, author of No God But God

«Through an eclectic and powerful mix of personal memoir and first-hand reporting, Tawseef Khan shows the unique challenges faced by British Muslims as they seek to remedy decades of fear-baiting media narratives and government policy that have negatively impacted their communities.»

Hussein Kesvani, journalist

«A vital and timely book for those who wish to engage more honestly with Muslims and for those Muslims struggling with their identity in 21st century Britain.»

Tez Ilyas, comedian

«Essential reading. The Muslim Problem is a blisteringly honest account of what it means to be a Muslim today and a much-needed corrective to prejudice.»

Magid Magid, author and former Lord Mayor of Sheffield

«A powerful book demystifying the Islamic experience and a must read for those wishing to expand their world view beyond stereotypes.»

Asifa Lahore, Britain’s first out Muslim drag queen
0: Introduction 1: 'Muslims Don't Integrate' 2: 'Islam Is Violent' 3: 'Muslim Men Are Threatening' 4: 'Islam Hates Women' 5: 'Islam Is Homophobic' 6: Conclusion: The Muslim Problem
Tawseef Khan is a qualified solicitor specialising in immigration and asylum law and a human rights activist with over ten years of experience working on refugee and Muslim issues. In 2016 he obtained a doctoral degree from the University of Liverpool, where his thesis explored the fairness of the British asylum system. He was a recipient of a 2017 Northern Writers Award. He is a Muslim and lives in Manchester.