Deviant Leisure - 
      Thomas Raymen
      Oliver Smith

Deviant Leisure

Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm

Thomas Raymen (Redaktør) ; Oliver Smith (Redaktør)

This book brings together a collection of critical essays that challenge the existing dogma of leisure as an unmitigated social good, in order to examine the commodification and marketisation of leisure across a number of key sites. Les mer
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This book brings together a collection of critical essays that challenge the existing dogma of leisure as an unmitigated social good, in order to examine the commodification and marketisation of leisure across a number of key sites. Leisure and consumer culture have become symbolic of the individual freedoms of liberal society, ostensibly presenting individuals with the opportunity to display individual creativity, cultural competence and taste. This book problematizes these assertions, and considers the range of harms that emerge in a consumer society predicated upon intense individualism and symbolic competition. Approaching the field of commodified leisure through the lens of social harm, this collection of essays pushes far beyond criminology's traditional interest in 'deviant' forms of leisure, to consider the normalized social, interpersonal and environmental harms that emerge at the intersection of leisure and consumer capitalism. Capturing the current vitality and interdisciplinary scope of recent work which is underpinned by the deviant leisure perspective, this collection uses case studies, original research and other forms of empirical enquiry to scrutinise activities that range from alcohol consumption and gambling, to charity tourism; CrossFit training; and cosmetic pharmaceuticals. Drawn from researchers across the UK, US, Europe and Australia, Deviant Leisure: Criminological Perspectives on Leisure and Harm represents the first systematic attempt at a criminological consideration of the global harms of the leisure industry; firmly establishing leisure as a subject of serious criminological importance.
Forlag: Springer Nature Switzerland AG
Innbinding: Innbundet
Språk: Engelsk
Sider: 439
ISBN: 9783030177355
Format: 21 x 15 cm

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Part I

Theoretical Perspectives


The Deviant Leisure Perspective: A Theoretical Introduction

Thomas Raymen and Oliver Smith


What lies beneath? Some notes on ultra-realism, and the intellectual foundations of the 'deviant leisure' perspective

Simon Winlow


Consumptive and non-consumptive leisure and its fit with deviance

Robert A. Stebbins


Real Ultras and Ultra Realism: Deviant Leisure Cultures, High Theory and Raw Realism

Steve Redhead

Part II

Consuming Harm


'Be more VIP': Deviant Leisure and hedonistic excess in Ibiza's 'Disneyized' party spaces

Keith Hayward and Tim Turner


Substance Use in the Night-Time Economy: Deviant Leisure?

Tammy Ayres


Lifestyle Drugs and Late-Capitalism: A Topography of Harm

Alexandra Hall


'The fittest on Earth': Performance and Image Enhancing Drugs within UK CrossFit Communities

Katinka Van de Ven and Kyle J.D. Mulrooney

Part III

Digital Harms


From edgework to death drive: The pursuit of pleasure and denial of harm in a leisure society

Rowland Atkinson


The Business of Resistance: Feminist pornography and the limits of leisure industries as sites of political resistance

Corina Medley


Lifestyle Gambling in Accelerated Culture

Thomas Raymen

Part IV

Environmental Harms


Loving the Planet to Death: Tourism and Ecocide

Rob White


Luxury, Tourism and Harm: A Deviant Leisure Perspective

Oliver Smith


Conspicuously Doing Charity: Exploring the relationship between 'doing good' and doing harm in tourism

Jo Large

Part V

Harmful Spaces, Harmful Places


The Paradox of Parkour: Conformity, Resistance and Spatial Exclusion

Thomas Raymen


Urban Exploration as Deviant Leisure

Theo Kindynis


Holiday camps, prison time and confined escapism: Understanding leisure, pleasure and harm in prisons

Kate Gooch and David Sheldon
Oliver Smith is a reader in Criminology at The University of Plymouth, UK. He has published widely in the field of deviant leisure, and is author of Contemporary Adulthood and the Night Time Economy (Palgrave, 2014). His current research examines the capacity for environmental harm in the context of commodified leisure markets.

Thomas Raymen is Senior Lecturer in criminology at Northumbria University, UK. His interests span the fields of criminology, moral philosophy, leisure studies, cultural geography and urban studies. Thomas is the author of Parkour, Deviance and Leisure in the Late Capitalist City (Emerald, 2018), and his research has focused upon a criminological exploration of the concept of 'deviant leisure'. He is currently focused on developing a theory of social harm rooted in a post-liberal ethics.